Posted by Mark on February 14, 2005 at 12:43 AM CST
As if basic figures, 12" figures, Unleashed figures, Galactic Heroes, Jedi Force, Force Battlers, Star Wars Minis, Star Wars Micros, Bust-Ups, and LEGO minis weren't enough; another action figure will hit the shelves this year, one that puts new emphasis on the word action. Star Wars AttacktiX is a new strategy action figure game geared toward recreating all the excitement of your favorite Star Warsbattles. While the complete rules were not handy at the time, my son Ben (5yrs.) and I recently got a chance to tool around with several of these new figures, and surprisingly managed to have a pretty fun time.


Averaging just over three inches tall, the figures themselves are nothing to write home about; limited articulation, slightly deformed proportions, rudimentary sculpts... Where the fun really begins is with the high powered play features. Spring loaded saber swings and blaster bolts put these toys over the top, and for those accustomed to Hasbro projectiles that essentially plop out of their toys, look out. Blasters on both the Super Battle Droid and Clone Trooper boast enough firepower to send their rounds across the room. A well placed shot from moderate range is more than enough to send the enemy flying, while saber duels close up prove to be more challenging and exciting.


A small wheel in the figure base activates an enclosed counter which meters each player’s movements. Instructions on the bottom of each base provide additional combat guidelines in the event of a knock down. On their own and without much knowledge of actual game play, these figure/game pieces were more than enough fun for Ben and I. While I wouldn't necessarily consider AttacktiX figures collecting material, they’re definitely worth having around for either the kids, or for the kid in you.


The initial wave of AttacktiX figures will focus on characters from Revenge of the Sith. At last count thirty-four figures and two Deluxe pieces will make up the opening round, with sets of figures from other Star Wars films waiting in the wings. Look for more news and images from this line as we count down to April 2nd!


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