Posted by Nick on November 3, 2017 at 04:21 PM CST
The Darth Vader is moved after the A New Hope version, the gloves are simply remarkable. Additionally he has electroplated helmet dome and metal shin guards. His chest is sequenced, lights up, and has the breathing sound effect. His lightsaber also lights up, a feature that was only previously available on the SDCC exclusive version. Not bad for $75.

The Stormtrooper has a new weathering job, the new hand blaster sported by K-2SO in the movie, and a metal E-11 blaster as seen on Eadu with he extra flashlight on the side. The lenses are also green or noticeably green compared to the previous versions of the Stormtrooper. Also the price is now $75 versus $125 for the earlier version.
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