Posted by Chris on August 1, 2012 at 12:00 AM CST
There are 35 artists attending Celebration VI which means 35 exclusive art prints to hunt down. Today, we continue our Artist Spotlight series with Stephen Hayford & Tom Hodges.

Artist: Stephen Hayford
Title: Trooper Break 2
Size: 12.5" x 30"
Paper: 100-lb silk cover stock
Price: $30
Edition Size: 250

Award-winning photographer Stephen Hayford has been in photojournalism for more than 20 years. He has worked with the Palm Beach Post, Sun-Sentinel, Miami Herald, Rocky Mountain News, The News-Press and other newspapers and wire services in Colorado, Ohio, Missouri and Florida.

More than 15 years ago, he channeled his documentary sensibilities into his childhood love of Star Wars through building dioramas and customizing action figures. He uses them as sets and characters for satirical images rooted in his news experiences. After years of displaying Star Wars-themed holiday images on, Hayford began freelancing for Lucasfilm. He also does diorama work for commercial clients, exhibits and museums.

Stop by his booth to appreciate the detail of his images in person. He will also have for sale postcards from his ?Hello From Florida? series and mini books featuring his non-Star Wars work. You can see more of his work here:,,!/HayfordPhoto. Gallery work represented by:

Artist: Tom Hodges
Title: Untitled
Size: 11" x 17"
Paper: Acid free, archival paper
Price: $30
Edition Size: 250
Remarque will be available with pre-ordered prints directly from Tom here for a limited time.

Tom Hodges originally hails from Cherry Hill, NJ (just across the bridge from Philadelphia, PA), and spent most of his young life drawing Darth Vader. This led to his first official Star Wars commission in 2003, and many Star Wars projects later, Tom is working on two of his own creations: the comic MIDKNIGHT (co-created with his wife, Terri) for Red 5 Comics and his web comic "The Adventures of Rhiannon Ryder", which will debut online later this year. Tom currently resides at Disneyland (well... VERY close to it) with his wife Terri and their Furry Children (Tom will be found at The Art of Ralph McQuarrie Booth and various signings).

From the ACME Databank Blog:

Celebration VI Exclusives & Artist Pre-Orders

We will be having pre-order for attendee pick up for Celebration VI exclusives and artist prints beginning 8/1 @ 10:30am PST through 8/15. Non-attendee exclusives only (artist prints will not be available online) ordering begins on 8/23.

We will be only doing artist print pre-orders for the artists in Artist Alley:

?Steve Anderson
?Jeff Carlisle
?Jeff Confer
?Katie Cook
?Doug Cowan
?Carlos Garzon
?Grant Gould
?Stephen Hayford
?Ken Lashley
?Erik Maell
?Mark McHaley
?Mark McKenna
?Clark Mitchell
?William O?Neill
?Ken Phipps
?Tim Proctor
?David Rabbitte
?Mark Raats
?Brian Rood
?Joshua M Smith
?Cat Staggs
?Chris Trevas
?Jerry VanderStelt
?Christian Waggoner
?Doug Wheatley
?Marc Wolfe
?Brent Woodside

Each customer may pre-order no more than one print per artist.

Each customer must pick up their own print order at the show from the artist and will be asked to provide Acme with their printed order confirmation and show ID to match the name on the order.

Customers will not be allowed to pick up orders for other people.

All prints must be picked up at the show. No prints may be shipped.

Art prints will be posted for pre-order on ACME'S
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