Posted by Chris on July 27, 2012 at 12:00 AM CST
There are 36 artists attending Celebration VI which means 36 exclusive art prints to hunt down. Today, we continue our Artist Spotlight series with Jeff Carlisle & Jeff Confer.

Artist: Jeff Carlisle
Title: A Fan's Hope, Naam's Huttese Theater, Tatooine
Size: 11" x 17"
Paper: TBD
Price: $25
Edition Size: 250

Jeff Carlisle was four years old when he saw the original Star Wars back in 1977, so it's only fitting that his first illustration job was programming binary load-lifters, er, drawing starships, droids and aliens for Star Wars Gamer magazine and the Star Wars Role-Playing Game. In addition to his Star Wars work, he's created product illustrations and published artworks for Doctor Who, Dungeons & Dragons, GRONK, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Pathfinder, Star Trek and THE GUILD. He currently lives in Ohio with his wife and their white Hellcat, Snow.

Artist: Jeff Confer
Title: Boba Fett?Concept To Realization
Size: 18" x 24"
Paper: #65 archival
Price: $40
Edition Size: 250

Born in 1984, Jeff Confer had to wait nine years to be properly introduced to Star Wars by seeing the Original Trilogy for the first time in theaters during the Special Edition re-release. While attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, he began his freelance art career by designing concert fliers. Since then he has done numerous commissioned illustrations and completed sketch card sets for Topps, Rittenhouse Archives, and Bad Axe Studios. Recently he collaborated on the illustration and packaging design for the cancer benefit album, Electronic Saviors Industrial Music to Cure Cancer Vol. II, for Metropolis Records and Distortion Productions. Jeff currently resides in Huntsville, Alabama, with his fiance and co-artist, as well as their two cats. At the show he will also have a promotional mini-print give away.
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