Posted by Adam on April 17, 2015 at 12:34 AM CST
The first panel on the collecting track for the opening day of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim was Wearable Fandom, which was presented by Todd Chamberlain and Duncan Jenkins. During the panel, Todd and Duncan discussed all manner of clothing and accessories starting in the late 70s and going through to the 10th Anniversary of Star Wars, which included the opening of Star Tours and the release of the Droids and Ewoks TV shows. Among the items covered were the very first t-shirts that featured transfers, including the infamous "Darth Vadar Lives", as well as screen-printed tees, jackets, pajamas and nightwear, socks, suspenders and footwear.

The Star Tot given out was Zuckuss (classic Kenner name) sponsored by Jose Maria Arosa.

Following Wearable Fandom was Collecting Celebration: 16 Years of Collectibles, Exclusives and Swag from a Celebration Far, Far Away, presented by Chris Logli, Chris Georgoulias and Ross Cuddie, who began with a brief history of Celebrations. The topics discussed were pre-Celebration promotional items, official Celebration store merchandise, retailer, licensee and exhibitor exclusives, collector clubs, fan organisations, websites and podcasts, autograph program collectibles, badges and programs, art shows and prints and fan-made collectibles and swag. As if a Collecting Celebration panel at a Celebration wasn't meta enough, it also included a section on collecting track giveaways from previous years, as well as rare and unique collectibles along with some tips on collecting at Celebration.

The Star Tot for this panel was the AT-AT Driver, which was sponsored by Chris Logli.

Next up was 15 Years of Collecting LEGO Star Wars, presented by James Burns and Duncan Jenkins. The panel began with a very brief history of LEGO Star Wars, before going on to cover the Ultimate Collector Sets, exclusives and hard-to-find items and bootlegs before concluding with store displays.

The Star Tot given away at this panel was Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues), sponsored by Stephen J. Sansweet and James Burns.

The fourth panel of the day was presented by David Mandel, Kelvin Mao and Jonathan Rinzler and was on the topic of Star Wars Art. After a brief discussion on George Lucas' love of comic books and his oft-ignored partnership with Ed Summers and Supersnipe Comic Art Gallery, the panelists covered the history of Star Wars comics, moving through Marvel Comics term of 1977 until 1986, Blackthorne Publishing's brief foray from 1987 until 1988, Dark Horse Comics lengthy license between 1991 and 2014 and then back around to current licensees Marvel Comics from 2015. The next topic covered was Comic Art Criteria, which looked at covers, splashes, pages and pin-ups, as well as the condition, whether the art is used or unused, and if it is a sketch. Newspaper strips were also covered, as were the Manga adaptations, before rounding out the panel with a look at miscellaneous art, such as that used in the Topps cards, Mad and Cracked magazines, as well as the work of Jeffrey Brown and finally details of various comic art sources for anyone interested in learning more about the hobby.

Princess Leia (Hoth Outfit), which was sponsored by Joe Kersavage, was the Star Tot for this panel.

The last panel of the day was devoted to Brian Stillman's documentary "Plastic Galaxy", a fascinating insight into Kenner's role in the story of Star Wars toys, through the eyes of both former employees, one of whom, Jim Swearingen, was sat alongside Brian, as well as highly-respected collectors in the Star Wars community, Steve Sansweet, Gus Lopez and Ron Salvatore being among them.

The Star Tot handed out to attendees at the end of this panel was Lando Calrissian, which was sponsored by our very own D. Martin Myatt.

The panels are being recorded and we expect to be able to post them in the near future.
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