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Day three of the Collecting Track opened with Chris Fawcett, Mattias Rendahl and Tommy Garvey presenting Great Stories of Star Wars Collecting, and as the name of the panel suggests, this entailed the three of them telling tales from the world of Star Wars collecting, some good, some bad and some from personal experience. Among those were Chris' brush with the law while on his way to purchase a rocket Fett and a remarkable sequence of events that led him to buy concept art that turned out to be the work of his wife's uncle. Tommy's stories included the Ren Hoeck Affair and the tale of how Gus Lopez came to be in possession of the original Death Star model, while Mattias provided some personal experiences of having to deal with an odorous grumpy old man for many years in his efforts to purchase new old stock of vintage Star Wars toys and finding PlayMix store displays in Sweden!

Bossk, which was sponsored by Elling Haug, was the Star Tot given out for this panel.

Star Wars Proof Cards and Cromalins, presented by Mattias Rendahl, was the second panel of the day, and it provided a fascinating look at some of the assets that are created as part of the production process, covering the steps from concept to printed proof card, and answering the question of what is a proof card, looking at the different types of proof cards and where the proof cards came from. Having only just released his book A New Proof (details of which can be found here), with the first run already sold out, Mattias finished off his talk by providing some guidance on how to care for your 2D pre-production items, along with some credits, links & resources.

Mattias and Elliott Rendahl sponsored Dengar, the Star Tot that was handed out to panel attendees.

Tom Spina, Brandon Alinger, Stephen Lane and Gus Lopez were the presenters of Star Wars Original Props and Costumes, Saturday's third Collecting Track panel, which opened with Gus describing the story of how he acquired the original Death Star model that Tommy Garvey had earlier told in Great Stories of Star Wars Collecting, before the panelists talked about other props and costumes that had been added to their respective collections, such as clothing from The Star Wars Holiday Special and Luke's belt from the original Star Wars. Tom's prop story was the Given alien mask from the creature cantina, while Stephen's told of the terrible condition of Leia's gown from the medal ceremony, which had been worn to a fancy dress party, and subsequently damaged, as well as being having wine, blood and lipstick stains! Unlike the other panelists, Brandon's prop story was from Return of the Jedi, albeit with a connection to A New Hope, being the lightsaber used by Mark Hamill throughout Jedi, and as a hero lightsaber used by Alec Guinness for fighting scenes!

The Star Tot given out at this panel was Boba Fett, which was sponsored by Gus Lopez.

Next up was Star Wars Pickers, and this panel was presented by Chris Fawcett, Shane Turgeon and Bobby Sharp, and covered picking basics as well as the ethics of picking before providing a Picking 101, details of which I am not at liberty to divulge! The panel closed with Shane, Bobby and Chris talking about some of their best picks, ranging from the small to the insane, epic, once-in-a-lifetime finds, and spanning vintage toys, store displays and original photography samples.

Han Solo (Hoth Outfit), sponsored by Chris Fawcett, was the Star Tot given out at this panel.

The last panel on the penultimate day of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015 was Elite Character Focus Collecting, presented by Bill McBride, Bill Cable and Skye Paine, whose focus is Darth Vader, C-3PO and Chewbacca respectively. Discussing a variety of topics, including their grails, and also showcasing some of the weird and wonderful items that only a character-focused collector could love, the panelists also spoke of the 3 ways to focus collecting, namely money, connections, and time and research.

James Barcellino and Ralph Dizozza were the sponsors of 4-LOM (classic Kenner name), the Star Tot handed out to attendees at the end of the panel.
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