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Day two of the Collectors' Track of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim kicked off with Star Wars Action Figure Customization with Jamie Follis, who may be more familiar to you as Sillof. Jamie opened the panel by talking about how he got started with customizing vintage figures back in the early 90s, before moving onto 6" redesigns later on. He then went on to talk about what customizing is and why you make them, before debuting a new line of Sillof Wars called Revolt, based on the characters from Star Wars Rebels. The remainder of the panel then offered a customizing 101 where Jamie covered areas such as parts and fodder, disassembly/assembly, sculpting, painting and advanced techniques. After the Q&A session, there were some giveaways, including sculpey & resin, as well as some customized figures.

The Star Tot given out for this panel was the Ugnaught, which was sponsored by Isaac Lew.

Worldwide Star Wars Collectible Oddities was the second panel of the day, with Ron Salvatore, John Alvarez and Joe Yglesias presenting. Ron opened proceedings, and among the items that he showed was a C-3PO purse (or C-3Purse), satin jackets, as well as customized vans featuring Star Wars art which were then turned into toys, crude C-3PO and R2-D2 plushes, other peculiar advertising campaigns and houseware collectibles. John spoke next and began with some very bizarre bootleg movie covers before moving onto toys, with most of the appeal being in the very dubious packaging artwork. Finishing off was Joe, who focused primarily on toys, most of which were bootlegs, including the widely-known Turkish Uzay Blue Stars.

The Snowtrooper, sponsored by Michael Mensinger, was the Star Tot given out at this panel.

The next panel was for Vintage Star Wars Coins, and was presented by Will Grief, Mark Salotti, James Gallo and Gus Lopez, and it began with a look at Kenner coin collecting, including the reasons that prompted Kenner to release the coins, how many were released as well as showing the unreleased coins from Droids and Ewoks, before discussing distribution and marketing. The talk then moved onto more advanced areas, covering prototypes and the pre-production process that encompasses rendering, sculpts, hardcopies and the approval process, with the two mints that Kenner used also being mentioned.

The Star Tot for this panel was Princess Leia (Bespin), which was sponsored by Mark Salotti and James Gallo.

Ken Tarleton, who you might know as The Elvis Trooper, and Scott Will, who is the Merchandise and Branding officer for the 501st, presented the fourth panel of the day, which was all about Star Wars Club Collectibles, with a strong focus on 501st, but also included all manner of buttons, pins, trading cards, patches and coins from the likes of the Rebel Legion, collecting sites and R2-Builders.

Broc Walker sponsored the Rebel Soldier, which was the Star Tot for this panel.

The final panel of the day took a nostalgic look at Ewok Collectibles Beyond Return of the Jedi, presented by Amy Sjoberg and Jarrod Clark, and covering the period between 1984 and 1990. Beginning with items that were branded with the Return of the Jedi logo, the discussion then moved onto those branded with Wicket the Ewok, sometimes also including ROTJ-branding, as well as Wicket and Friends. The panel also talked about the two made-for-TV Ewok movies and also the two seasons of the animated series, as well as many of the tie-in toys, games and books that were released during that time.

The Star Tot given out was IG-88, which was sponsored by Luis and Josefina Galvez.
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