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TF.N SDCC 2013: becker&mayer! Shows Off New Star Wars Books
Club Jade's James Floyd was on hand at San Diego Comic-Con as deluxe book publisher becker&mayer! presented some of their upcoming Star Wars books. These titles include a lower-cost version of Star Wars: The Blueprints and the recently-announced The Bounty Hunter Code.

TF.N SDCC 2013: A New Hope Blooper Reel Screened For The First Time
In the process of conducting research for The Making of Return of the Jedi, Lucasfilm editor and author J.W. Rinzler stumbled across bloopers that have been hidden for thirty-six years: outtakes from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. At San Diego Comic-Con, Rinzler revealed those outtakes to the public for the first time.

SDCC 2013: Star Wars Collectibles Panel Gallery
Following our live report from the Star Wars: Collectibles panel Friday afternoon, we have the following gallery that features shots from the presentation itself. See if you can spot anything cool that you haven't seen elsewhere!

SDCC 2013: Hasbro's Post Panel Reveals!
Every year almost immediately after their panel at the San Diego Comic-Con Hasbro adds a pile of new figures to their display and this year is no exception. Follow this link to check out the second waves of their 6-inch Black Series, Mission Series, and Saga Legends action figure collections!

SDCC 2013: New Acme Archives Star Wars Art Debuted
San Diego Comic-Con usually means a bunch of new Lucasfilm branded art from Acme Archives. This year certainly didn't disappoint! Check out a nice gallery of images inside.

TF.N SDCC 2013: Tweets From Del Rey's Star Wars Books Panel
Today at San Diego Comic-Con, Del Rey and Lucasfilm presented "Writer's Studio: Behind the Scenes with Star Wars Authors" in Room 7AB. Lucasfilm's Leland Chee hosted the panel, which included authors Troy Denning, John Jackson Miller, J.W. Rinzler, and Jeffrey Brown along with including Lucasfilm editor Jen Heddle and Del Rey editor Frank Parisi.

TF.N SDCC 2013: Star Wars / Phineas and Ferb Crossover Episode Coming
Today, at San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that a one hour animated Star Wars / Phineas and Ferb crossover episode would air next year on Disney Channel and Disney XD.

SDCC 2013: Star Wars Collectibles Update Panel
Our own D. Martin Myatt is sitting in on the live Star Wars: Collectibles Update panel taking place at San Diego Comic-Con and we're bringing you the updates just as fast as we can type. Check it all out inside!

SDCC 2013: Your First Look At Hasbro's Star Wars Display
1/3 of Hasbro's 2013 San Diego Comic-Con Star Wars display was dedicated to the seemingly popular Star Wars Angry Birds mash up, and now with the announcement of the Prequel game, there are twice as many little hearts to be broken by this controversial toy line. Follow the link above to see what will be coming to a store near you soon!

SDCC 2013: The Gentle Giant Ltd's Animated Boba Fett
As mentioned earlier on, Gentle Giant Ltd has added a very exciting surprise to their 2013 San Diego Comic-Con display. Follow this link to have a closer look at the Holiday Special inspired Boba Fett Animated Maquette!

SDCC 2013: The Sideshow Collectibles Booth Part 2
We went back to Sideshow Collectibles today to photograph the four Premium Format Figures they had on display. Click the thumbnails above to have a closer look at the Chewbacca, Darth Malgus, Snowtrooper and Commander Cody statues.

SDCC 2013: Star Wars Licensee Of The Year
Each year, the staff at get together for a meeting of the minds to discuss which licensee we feel has contributed the most to the Star Wars collecting community over the past twelve months. It's always a tough call with so many wonderful licensee's out there producing top quality Star Wars collectibles, but there can be only one...

SDCC 2013: Gentle Giant Reveals New Boba Fett Animated Maquette
Via their Instagram, Gentle Giant has revealed their next Animated Maquette!

SDCC 2013: The Kotobukiya Booth
As our 2013 San Diego Comic-Con coverage continues we head over to Kotobukiya to take a look at their Star Wars display. Highlights include the Sandtroopers, General Grievous and the New York Comic-Con exclusive R2-Q5 ARTFX+ pieces as well the place cards announcing the Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia and Han Solo & Chewbacca A New Hope ARTFX+ two packs! Follow this link to have a look!

SDCC 2013: The Sideshow Collectibles Booth
Next up in our 2013 San Diego Comic-Con coverage is a gallery certain to make your head spin. Follow this link for images of all the Star Wars stuff on display in the Sideshow Collectibles booth.

SDCC 2013: The Gentle Giant Ltd Booth
The San Diego Comic-Con is officially opened! We've been there all day shooting and will be updating both Rebelscum and Cool Toy Review with galleries showing off all that is on display. First up is a gallery showcasing the Gentle Giant booth. Click through for the full gallery and a brief run down on all the Star Wars collectibles on display!

SDCC 2013: Your First Look At Gentle Giant's Display
Check out these images of some amazing new Gentle Giant product direct from the show floor at San Diego Comic-Con shot by our very own D. Martin Myatt! A 12" Jumbo Kenner Wampa, a Life-size Jumbo Kenner Stormtrooper statue, and a Clone Wars Yoda Statue! Photos inside.

SDCC 2013: Your First Look At Hasbro's Star Wars Display
We've got boots on the ground and we've already taken our first steps in the main exhibit hall of the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. While most booths are just getting started, the brand teams at Hasbro have done a bang up job and were even able to leave early. Click the thumbnails above to see all the action figure related stuff they have displayed.
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