Posted by Jeremy on June 15, 2018 at 02:37 PM CST
Though the events of May 5/6th, 12/13th and 19/20th are long past their legacy still lives on, because we have found yet another park exclusive. This one takes the form of a flat BB-8 and comes as either a fridge magnet or a broach.

The single eBay seller listing these states:
"Up for grabs are Legoland Florida-Exclusive Star Wars Days BB-8 Fridge Magnets!!!
Made entirely of Lego pieces, these are brand new and exactly as pictured.
Never made available to the general public outside of Legoland Florida, these are the few I have available; once they're gone, they're gone...
A rare and very exclusive souvenir, perfect for any elite Star Wars collector!
We don't know if these are actual park souvenirs - we have reached out to LEGOLAND Florida management for a statement - but from past experience they do look like something that the Master Model Makers at the park would design and staff would put together from the elements available at the park.

That the seller is selling multiples of these and they don't have any packaging, goes along way to suggesting that their rarity isn't as high as one might expect. Especially since all the parts are purchasable via Bricklink and building this doesn't take any extra skills or imagination.

One factor that does make this interesting is the price - at $8 the seller isn't trying to gouge the Star Wars fan/collector. With the average LEGO brick price currently at 10.5 cents (giving us a calculated piece count of 76) the estimated piece count for these ABS artifacts is in the sixties, which puts the seller's BIN price in the right area.
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