Posted by D. Martin on May 23, 2012 at 11:38 PM CST
From Gentle Giant:

Get a jump start on the Memorial Weekend Festivities. Furniture stores and car dealerships aren't the only places offering spectacular deals this holiday weekend! We're proud to open our archives once again and make limited quantities of the following pieces available:

-Animated Princess Leia Maquette ONLY 4 AVAILABLE

-Classic TIE Fighter Pilot Bust ONLY 10 AVAILABLE

-Dengar Mini Bust ONLY 4 AVAILABLE

-Jabba's Palace Band ONLY 4 AVAILABLE

-Animated Luke Skywalker as X-Wing Pilot Maquette ONLY 4 AVAILABLE

-Animated Han Solo Maquette ONLY 5 AVAILABLE

-Shaak Ti Mini Bust ONLY 4 AVAILABLE

-Darth Vader Helmet (Pink Edition) ONLY 15 AVAILABLE

-Star Wars Logo Bookends Set ONLY 4 AVAILABLE

-Obi Wan Kenobi - 12' Vintage Kenner Figure ONLY 20 AVAILABLE

-Animated Darth Vader Black & White Maquette ONLY 9 AVAILABLE

-PGM ONLY - Republic Commando Boss Mini Bust ONLY 14 AVAILABLE

-PGM ONLY - SW Airbourne (Clone) Commander Mini Bust ONLY 13 AVAILABLE

-PGM ONLY - Commander Fox Mini Bust

-PGM ONLY - Darth Nihilus Mini Bust ONLY 15 AVAILABLE

-PGM ONLY - Jawa Fabric Cloak Vintage Kenner Figure ONLY 6 AVAILABLE

-PGM ONLY - Republic Commando Sev Mini Bust ONLY 10 AVAILABLE

-PGM ONLY - Farm Boy Luke Skywalker Variant Mini Bust ONLY 9 AVAILABLE

-PGM ONLY - Shae Vizla 7' TOR Statue ONLY 9 AVAILABLE

-PGM ONLY - Republic Commando Fixer Mini Bust ONLY 16 AVAILABLE

and also some less Forceful pieces:

-Cho Chang Mini Bust ONLY 5 AVAILABLE

-Draco Malfoy Mini Bust ONLY 5 AVAILABLE

-Nymphadora Tonks Mini Bust ONLY 3 AVAILABLE

-PGM ONLY - Sucker Punch Babydoll Mini Bust ONLY 5 AVAILABLE

These items are very limited and some items are only available to Premier Guild Members. Please make sure you are logged into your account and visit the 2nd Chance Offering under our Specialty Section. Currently the page is blank. The items will appear when the sale begins. The sale begins at 3 pm PST Thursday May 24th and will run through the end of the month or while supplies last.

Note: Because these items are so limited; payments for these orders will only be processed once. If the payment is not approved the order will be cancelled.

Grab 'em while you can!
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