Posted by D. Martin on July 11, 2012 at 11:00 PM CST

While every other booth was putting things together still, our friends at Gentle Giant were chilling out with their fully armed and operational convention booth, and it was chock full of Star Wars awesomeness!

In the corner closest to the main entrance they were displaying their many of their Jumbo Kenner figures including Gamorrean Guard, See-Threepio, Artoo-Detoo, Lando Calrissian (Toothy grin version), Walrusman, Greedo, Hammerhead, Cloth Robe Jawa, Stormtrooper, Arfive-Defour, as well as both the blue and red Snaggletooth figures. To add the the coolness, all were displayed on a cardboard backdrop based on the Sears Cantina Adventure Set from the original Kenner collection.

The Clone Trooper Lieutenant statue we mentioned earlier today was also displayed, along with two of the Clone Trooper deluxe statue to show it off with the helmet on and off. The Clone portrait looks just like Temuera Morrison. Both of these statues was totally eclipsed by the stunning realistic-style Spider Legs Darth Maul. This imposing work of art is a must have for anyone that includes The Clone Wars stroyline in their level of Cannon (myself included!).

There were many new Mini Busts on display including Ree-Yees, Battle Droid Pilot, Battle Droid Security, Republic commando, Rebel Fleet Trooper, Wald, Droopy McCool, Sy Snoodles, and a very rad Jar Jar Binks.

For the Animated Maquette collection, Gentle Giant revealed their Sandtrooper On Dewback, Darth Malak, and Scout Trooper Ewok Attack (which is a cartoonish reimagining of the popular Star Wars Galaxy series one trading card from way back in the day.)

Lastly, they also showed off their upcoming AT-AT Bookends.

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