Posted by Curto on November 10, 2006 at 02:00 PM CST
While we've been calling this line the "Greatest Hits 2007" all along, that was always meant as a temporary name. Much like this year's The Episode III Heroes & Villains Collection and The Episode III Greatest Battles Collection were originally called "Greatest Hits," there was always a plan to come up with something more official.

Greatest Hits 2007 Gets a new name
The official name of the line will be Saga Legends. Starting next spring, this line will run alongside The 30th Anniversary Collection throughout 2007. This will be a series of 20-24 straight repackaged figures from the entire modern line, complete with collector coins and including figures from across the entire modern Star Wars collection. The coins will be generic with the 6 different movie logos on them, depending on the character.

But here's something just for the fans...and where your vote really does count. 8 figures in the line will be specially designated as Saga Legends Fan's Choice. These will be the figures that YOU voted for in the tournament. So be sure to vote!

Week 3 Still Running Strong
There's still plenty of time to cast your vote in this week's Greatest Hits 2007 tournament. 16 of your favorite figures from the past are currently facing off against each other for inclusion in next year's line.

While we already have some clear-cut winners, there are a couple of showdowns that are very close! YOUR vote could make the difference!

Bonus Pit Droids 2-Pack Vs. R2-Q5
All 6 versions (released as a running change) of the foreign-released droids are facing off against an repainted astromech droid...can they go all the way?

Biker Scout (VTSC) Vs. Clone Trooper Sergeant (Troop Builder)
One of this year's most popular troop builders is easily beating another figure that will be out in a few weeks anyway...can there be any doubt as to the outcome?

Imperial Officers Vs. Coleman Trebor
This trio of Imperials (all 3 versions would be released as a running change) is taking on another obscure alien who's already beaten several troopers...who will be the victor?

Sandtrooper Squad Leader (Evolutions) Vs. Sandtrooper Sergeant (Evolutions)
Although it may seem like these two are pretty much teh same's the paint application that sets them apart. So far it looks like the POTP Trooper (you're better off if you don't know what that means, trust me) stay in the lead?

R4-I9 (Imperial Forces) Vs. Boba Fett (VOTC)
Another imperial astromech droid is currently beating the most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy...wait, what? Really?

Darktrooper (Dark Forces) Vs. Clone Trooper (Troop Builder)
Two popular troopers are facing off in this round, but as we have seen before...don't count out the clone!

Coruscant Clone Commander (Evolutions) Vs. Ephant Mon
Here we have another rare clone against a former Fan's Choice figure. WHile the clone is in the lead right now, anything can happen.

Graxol Kelvyyn (Watto's Box) Vs. TC-14
On one side, we've got a popular protocol droid, and on the other side, a really big background alien....which one is YOUR favorite?

Which figures do you want to see brought back for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars? Make your votes heard! Head on over and place your vote today!
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