Posted by D.†Martin on May 11, 2014 at 06:16 PM CST
The third wave of figures in Hasbro's Saga Legends collection is easily the best assortment we've seen yet. First off, by now you must be fully aware that we don't think the five points of articulation thing is an issue. All the figures revealed so far have proved that the limited articulation allows for a higher level of costume and character accuracy. Since most of us simply display our figures standing this is a massive plus.


Based on the original costume design from The clone Wars series, this figure is very different than the two previously released Obi-Wan figures. In fact, save for the head, the figure is a totally new sculpt and features tighter details than any other figure based on this costume.

The paint design is tight! Of all four figures in this wave, this one has the best paint job. Even though it is missing the Jedi insignia from the shoulder bell and details on the commlink, it is still better than previous versions. His belt features a painted silver buckle and brass containers. If Hasbro could get all the figures painted this well, the line would be unstoppable.

Obi-Wan comes with an ignited Lightsaber.


The paint needs to be addressed right now before anything positive can be said about this figure. For what ever reason, every sample we saw of the Luke Skywalker figure had insanely over painted eyes. If possible, here's hoping Hasbro can get this fixed. If they can, it would be worth rebuying because the paint on the eyes is the only thing keeping this from being one of the best Star Wars figures ever created. No joking, sculpt is dead on! Even the head sculpt is perfect.

In fact, if The Vintage Collection Endor Capture Luke was an apology for all the previously released Jedi Luke figures, this one is the one we always should have owned. More than any figure released since 1985, the SL14 Luke Skywalker feels the closest to a classic Kenner figure.

It comes packed with a very well done Jedi Luke Lightsaber. (and it looks great with the 1983 Lightsaber too)


Another winner! This is the most accurate Darth Maul figure since the 2000 Power Of The Jedi Final Duel Darth Maul (and at the same price point as well!). The detail on the costume elements is out of this world. This Darth Maul figure is posed to have an imposing presence on your shelf. It looks as if the figure is just about ready to open a can of whupass.

It comes packed with a double ignited Lightsaber, which sadly can't be displayed held with both hands at once.


Get ready to army build! This is the most accurate Imperial Stormtrooper in Hoth Battle Gear ever created. Heck, its even more accurate than the Sixth Scale figure from Sideshow Collectibles! This figure also looks great next to your classic Kenner figures. All said, there is nothing at all wrong with this figure and you'll need many of them. Here's hoping Hasbro keeps repacking them in future assortments.

The SL16 Snowtrooper comes with both an E-11 Blaster and a removable backpack.

Stay tuned for all four figures to be added to our Photo Archive this week.

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