LUKE SKYWALKER - JEDI KNIGHT OUTFIT/ENDOR CAPTURE Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight Outfit / Endor Capture Return of the Jedi
It only took 25 years but we finally got a perfect Endor Capture Luke Skywalker. Sure, we have had plenty of versions since 1985, but none before VC23 Luke Skywalker from The Vintage collection got it right. If ever there was an apology figure, this one is it, and we can all agree that the apology is warmly accepted!

Released in November 2010, the third wave of figures in The Vintage collection focused on characters from Return of the Jedi including the VC21 Gamorrean Guard, VC22 Admiral Ackbar, VC23 Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight / Endor Capture), VC24 Wooof, VC25 R2-D2, VC26 Rebel Commando (first version) and VC27 Wicket action figures. Both Yoda and Wedge Antilles were originally intended to be a part of this wave but both were shuffled to later assortments. Many of the figures in this wave were re-released on chase variant Revenge of the Jedi cards in the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Revenge of the Jedi Death Star Set and later in stores on the same cards, only this time sporting a send away sticker and mail in order form.
U.S. Product Packaging
North American Tri-Logo Product Packaging

2019 Photo Real Rerelease
Armed with new revolutionary paint application procedures, Hasbro went back to four action figures from The Vintage Collection's first year of products that didn't see International distribution when they were hitting shelves in North America. The VC23 Luke Skywalker (Endor) figure featured below shipped with VC02 Princess Leia Organa, VC03 Han Solo, and VC08 Darth Vader in April 2019. All four figures are on updated cardbacks, but each retains its original VC number.
Product Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Year: 2010
Original Retail: $7.99
Assortment Number: 21484/97568
Placement Number: VC23
UPC Number: 6 53569 52867 8
What's In The Box?
  • Luke Skywalker Figure
  • Lightsaber
  • Lightsaber Hilt
  • Binders
About This Figure
  • Even though the Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit / Endor Capture) contains no re-used parts, it didn't come out exactly as Hasbro wanted at first. The original shipment of this figure didn't have a Lightsaber port in its belt and the Lightsaber hilt didn't have a peg. Before too long Hasbro changed the figure and we were given a figure with a port and a hilt with a peg.
U.S. Card Variations
  • There are a total of eight card back variations for the U.S. VC23 Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit / Endor Capture). The code below works like this: F = Card Front, B = Card Back, FS = Card Front Sticker, BS = Card Back Sticker, DS = Date Stamp
  • VC23 F4.1 B5.1 FS3.1 BS (N/A) DS02491 - "Jedi Knight Outfit" - 1st version Rocket Fett sticker, ROTJ cardback pictured on back, figures pictured to the right of cardbacks, accessories far apart in blister
  • VC23 F4.1 B5.1 FS3.2 BS (N/A) DS02701 - 2nd version Rocket Fett sticker
  • VC23 F4.1 B5.1 FS3.2 BS (N/A) DS02791 - 2nd version Rocket Fett sticker, accessories closer together in blister
  • VC23 F4.1 B5.1 FS (N/A) BS1.1 DS02941 - UPC sticker (54902)
  • VC23 F4.2 B5.2 FS (N/A) BS (N/A) DS10411 - "Endor Capture" - figure name and front photo changed, Luke portrait featured on back, figures pictured to the left of cardbacks
  • VC23 F4.3 B5.3 FS (N/A) BS (N/A) DS10631 - color added to name box on front of card, warnings removed from bottom back side of card
  • VC23 F4.4 B5.5 FS3.3 BS (N/A) DS11851 - Revenge of the Jedi, Prototype Fett offer, new figures pictured on bottom back side of card
  • VC23 F4.3 B5.4 FS3.3 BS (N/A) DS11861 - Prototype Fett offer, new code on UPC (52867)
North American Tri-Logo Card Variations
  • There are three card back variations for the North American Tri-Logo VC23 Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit / Endor Capture). The code below works like this: F = Card Front, B = Card Back, FS = Card Front Sticker, BS = Card Back Sticker, DS = Date Stamp
  • The figure first shipped in Fall of 2010 along with the other figures in the third wave. This version had the Boba Fett starburst sticker.
  • It was packed back into assortments in the winter of 2011 without the send away offer.
  • The third version, which featured the revised image, was shipped in the first quarter of 2012 on a Revenge Of The sith card.
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Photography by Rich Alot and D. Martin Myatt

Additional Photography by Suzan Lund

Text by D. Martin Myatt

U.S. Card Variations Catalogued by Vince Zannelli

Canadian Card Variations Catalogued by Scott McDonald

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