Posted by Curto on May 24, 2008 at 03:10 AM CST
As part of Hasbro's bi-weekly Q&A session, Rebelscum passed on 3 of your burning questions and now we've got the answers for you.

Rebelscum: Will the upcoming cardbacks for The Legacy Collection and The Clone Wars fit in the "official" collectors cases that are sold on

Hasbro: Yes they will. However, we do urge caution - some of the first batch of cards seem to be a very snug fit and the tops of the antennae on the Clone Wars cards show a little bending when put in our cases. We don't know if this is an issue beyond our first samples, as we did ask for a tighter die-cut to the antenna - but fans should be careful when putting them in not to force them if they don't lay flat in the Hasbro case, or try a competitive case where the fit may not be as tight if there is a concern.

Rebelscum: I often hear you refer to the "parking lot", and I was wondering if you could give us a few details on the lot. How many characters are in the lot, when a character gets made do you then pull someone off the the junior parking lot, and what parking lot characters are your favorites? Thanks.

Hasbro: There are several "parking lots", spreadsheets actually, primarily for basic figures and comics packs but we have also kept them for things like battle packs, Galactic Heroes cinema scenes, and exclusives.

As we are working on executing the year we have planned out in front of us, a lot of ideas will bubble up for future figures/sets based -inspiration that comes from watching the films or episodes, reading comics, playing games, via the Q&A, discussion on furms, and the like. So we don't lose track of these ideas for the next time we get together to plan a line or wave, the parking lot became the place to keep and sort them all.

For basic figures, we keep track by movie, with an EU catch-all and a separate visual reference for droids that would be suitable for Droid Factory. As you would suspect, certain movies have more ideas than others; for EpIII and EpV, for example, both of which have been relatively more thoroughly covered, there about 25 figure ideas sitting there, while EpIV or VI has twice or three times as many. These "ideas" for figures include everything from new versions or minor variants we haven't done of a major character to "new SA sculpts" of characters like Zuckuss to aliens and background characters that are interesting or have a fan following. This does not mean that we will do all those characters some day, they are just ideas to draw from next time we plan out a line or need to create a repaint wave. We will not waver from our strategy of looking for updates to hero characters to balance out the minor characters.

The comic pack parking lot is crafted a little differently and there we keep notes on characters from pretty much every Dark Horse & Marvel comic, and tend to group those by priority, keeping track of the new tooling needed per pack so we can create balanced waves that achieve all of our objectives.

Now that you remind us, the battle packs and Cinema Scenes are a little depleted as we have used a lot of the ideas lately...time to get back to work!

Rebelscum: The "super articulated" Horse from the Indiana Jones deluxe line is way cool. Any chance of you taking that step into the SW Universe and giving us a REALLY COOL SA Tauntaun?

Hasbro: Now that's an interesting idea we honestly had not been thinking about. We'll pass it around the team and see what they think. We will confirm there are some other beasts we are looking at updating if we get to an SA Tauntaun, it may be a little while. Thanks for the suggestion.

Got any burning Star Wars questions you need answered straight from the source? If so, post your questions in this thread in our forums, and with any luck, you'll get your answers next time!
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