Posted by Jeremy on April 16, 2018 at 10:19 PM CST
A few months ago we posted our list of Star Wars BrickHeadz sets we were confident would make an appearance in 2018. With new additions - like the Marvel Infinity Wars sets, Back To The Future Marty and Doc Brown (41611), and Jurassic World II's Owen and Blue (41614) - with a total of 30 BrickHeadz confirmed for 2018 it looks to be a diverse range.

With the addition of 41608 Han Solo and 41609 Chewbacca to the BrickHeadz line-up it's time to look at what other Star Wars additions will be coming out, because over the last week there's been plenty of more-than-circumstantial-evidence floating to the surface, plus one solid lead, to help firm up our expected release list.

From The Brick Fan we get the following list, which helps to corroborate the one we posted in February:
  • 41619 Darth Vader - $9.99
  • 41620 Stormtrooper - $9.99
  • 41627 Luke & Yoda - $14.99
  • 41628 Princess Leia - $9.99
  • 41629 Boba Fett - $9.99
With this list and a number of Universal Product Codes that were slipped under the office door in an unmarked envelope we are able to provide results, via showing that three of these new BrickHeadz sets are in the Walmart stock system. While they aren't listed on Target yet this isn't sufficient proof to categorically state that they are retailer exclusives.

The existance of a BrickHeadz Darth Vader was teased by LEGO last November but over at The Brick Show there's been a leaked - but blurry - image of of 41619 Darth Vader and 41620 Stormtrooper posted.

All of this information allows us to update our list.

Green check marks means confirmed, yellow exclamation marks are those sets that are known but not officially confirmed, blue question marks are unsubstantiated rumours and red crosses are ones that have been proven false.

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