Posted by Jeremy on December 1, 2018 at 12:00 AM CST
Back in November when Rebelscum got wind of a final promotion that the holders of the exclusive black VIP card for the first wave of 75192 Millennium Falcon owners the feedback we received was flavoured with scepticism.

Now though, there is a decent level of proof that in the next 24 hours one last exclusive will be revealed to cardholders.

The image below popped up on Facebook yesterday and with a barely readable footnote that the offer wasn't to be discussed openly until December 1st we decided that diplomacy required we sat on the news.

The offer will start on December 7th and run to January 31st, and cardholders will start to receive an email from December 1st with instructions on how to make an apporpriate purchase qualify for the all black card holder and minifigure, which will have a printed silver Millennium Falcon on "it's" torso.

This will put a halt to any card holders who are considering adding their's to the ones for sale on ebay already. If you have already picked one up via the secondary market remember that the card won't be registered to you so you won't receive the notification email, meaning you won't qualify for this offer.
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