Posted by Jeremy on August 20, 2018 at 07:51 AM CST
It's typically at this time of the year when the LEGO leaks community starts to see the first snippets of news on the next big Direct To Customer (D2C) set and early teases of what the Winter wave will contain.

In the past we have seen preliminary info of the 75159 Death Star (2016), 75144 UCS Snowspeeder (2017) and 75192 Millennium Falcon (2018) - and this year is no different, with leaked photos of two Bespin-based minifigs circulating at the base levels of the community.

However, rather than add to the speculation that the rumoured UCS-style Cloud City set, numbered 75222, will have a Microfighter-style Cloud Car and Slave I, a landing pad, have three to four thousand pieces and will be priced in the high $300s we decided to present you with something more tangible.
LEGO Star Wars 10268 Confidential
LEGO Star Wars 21315 Confidential
The first set number is a quantum leap back to the pre-75XXX days and follows a number pattern that hasn't been used for half a decade when 10240 Red Five X-wing Starfighter was released.

We won't know for a couple months of whether this is a throw back of a number reservation for a set that was due to come out in the early years of this decade or it's just a fluke. It would be interesting to look back to see what UCS rumours were floating around back then. Did someone just say "A-Wing"?

While the previous Amazon listings isn't heavy on detail they do at least state that they are Star Wars sets. Unfortunately the following links are even less enlightening, but Rebelscum has it on good authority that these numbers have been set aside for new Star Wars sets.
LEGO 75228, bunt
LEGO 75229 Children's Toy Colourful
LEGO 75233, bunt
LEGO 75234 Children's Toy Colourful
LEGO 75235 Children's Toy Colourful
LEGO 75237 Children's Toy Colourful
LEGO 75241 Children's Toy Colourful
LEGO 75242 Children's Toy Colourful
LEGO 75243 Children's Toy Colourful
LEGO 75247 Children's Toy Colourful
LEGO 75258 Children's Toy Colourful
LEGO 75259 Wall Lamp, Multi-Colour
From another list, which is floating around a number of sites and forums, we have some idea of what these sets might just be - and intriguingly there seems to be a Juniors line shaping up. Most aficionados of Star Wars will probably not be aware of these entry level LEGO building sets, but fans of the Jurassic Park, Cars 3, The Incredibles 2 and Frozen franchises will be more than aware.
75223 unknown "Classic" MicroFighter - $9.99
75224 unknown "Classic" MicroFighter - $9.99
75225 Elite Praetorian Guards Battle Pack - $14.99
75226 Clone Troopers Battle Pack - $14.99
75227 unknown "Classic" Microfighter Dual Pack - $19.99
75228 unknown "Classic" Microfighter Dual Pack - $19.99
75229 "Great Vehicle" Escape - $29.99
75233 Droid Gunship - $49.99
75234 AT-AP - $59.99
75235 Juniors X-Wing Starfighter - $29.99
75236 Juniors Slave I - $19.99
75237 Juniors TIE Fighter - $19.99
75247 Juniors A-Wing Starfighter - $14.99
Given that next year is the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace as well as the greatest mash up since someone thought to combine peanut butter and jelly it's strange that there isn't more focus either of these two opportunities. But then looking back at the sets that came out in 1999 they do have a more naieve aesthetic in comparison to today's complex and detailed builds. Is it just wishful thinking that these so-called Juniors sets are a smoke-screen for a release of some of the first LEGO Star Wars sets?

As for the list that appeared on Reddit a few weeks ago, we - and the rest of the Super Sleuth Gang - are dismissing it as completely and utterly false. But just in case they turn out to be real and we need a get out quote: "but you never know!" But we really don't think we'll need to roll back on this.
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