Posted by Stéphane on September 21, 2006 at 03:58 PM CST
In the past, there have been numerous publications that have covered Kenner’s vintage Star Wars line. The most incredible is the famous "Star Wars Vintage Action Figures: A Guide For Collectors" by John Kellermann. But foreign vintage action figures lines had remained undocumented.

French vintage collector Stephane Faucourt has filled a part of this area in writing "Meccano to Trilogo - From French to European Vintage Action Figure Toys".
The book will feature over 144 full-colour pages dedicated to Star Wars action figure toys, from the illusive Meccano line, by the French licensee in 1978, to the European Trilogo line that was available until 1986.

Check out his website to see the samples pages that show informations, photographies and printed materials that contains the book.

Be sure that this book will be the Reference for Meccano and Trilogo Star Wars vintage toys.

Stay tuned to Rebelscum in the following weeks. We have established a partnership with Stephane Faucourt and we will reveal the exclusive content soon.
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