Posted by Stéphane on October 23, 2006 at 12:02 AM CST
The Star Wars collectors’ community has been waiting for years about books coverage of the vintage European toy lines. A new book just released is filling a part of this gap.
"Meccano to Trilogo" (subtitled French to European Vintage Star Wars Action Figure Toys) is a full-color 144 pages A4-format (8 1/4 x 11 3/4 inches) softcover book written by collector Stephane Faucourt.

It covers each area of both Meccano and Trilogo lines, and features the most extensive content ever published so far with the whole collections presented, information and photography, as well as an impressive set of printed materials.

The book is written in English, which is a little paradox for French readers, but perfect for a worldwide audience who knows about Trilogos and has much interest in foreign (to Kenner) lines.

Stephane has written with a precise and clear style which makes the information reachable for any kind of collector. Hardcore collectors, however, will have to read the many comments which are a goldmine in terms of facts and data.

The chapter breakdown is as follows:

Chapter 1: Guerre des Etoiles (Star Wars) carded and boxed Toys. For the first time, the entire sets of 12-backs and 20-backs, a true delight. Vehicles variations are also present.

Chapter 2: Empire Strikes Backs carded and boxed Toys. The set of ESB square carded figure is really impressive.

Chapter 3: Return of the Jedi. The Meccano line analysis continues with this line, carded figures, vehicles and playsets with their variants.

Chapter 4: Trilogo carded and boxed Toys. A more "technical" part which shows the whole Trilogo carded figures, including many cards and bubbles variants, and explanation about how to spot rare variants and their origins. The famous Trilogo
miscards are also reviewed.

Chapter 5-6: A great asset to the book is the catalog section. A tremendous research work has been done to present rare in-pack catalogs as well as the Star Wars sections of all Meccano retailer catalogs during the 1978-1986 era.

Chapter 7-8: An inside view of French vintage childhood publications. The author has mainly focused his work on the famous PIF Gadget magazine, holding itself 95% of the advertising market at that time. Be sure to see the ESB action figure scenes which present a 25-frame story with action figures, dolls, die-cast and plastic vehicles all together.

Appendix: "Kellerman style" matrix for carded figures and boxed items. An extensive work for curious or completists.

Rebelscum takes the opportunity to announce an exciting and exclusive partnership with Stephane Faucourt. In a few months, carded figures combination tables will be published and hosted by Rebelscum with a lot more front/back details. As we did with Kellerman’s, you can already submit your entries based on the current book, by using this method.

The only complaint I could make would be the lack of dolls, die-cast or other kind of toys that are shown in the catalogs. But the title speaks for itself, the book is about the Action Figures. Maybe in another edition...

"Meccano to Trilogo" is available only from Stephane Faucourt's website for 25.00 euros (plus shipping). At that price, it’s definitely a must have for any Star Wars reference library and a perfect addition to sit next to your John Kellerman’s "Star Wars Vintage Action Figures".

Euroscum gives you the opportunity to win this book in participating in the Meccano to Trilogo competition.
Note that the contest is only open to residents of the Europe.

PS: to avoid any confusion, Stephane from Rebelscum team is not Stephane Faucourt. As him he is French, his name is Stephane and he collects Star Wars items but that's all. So feel free to send your feedback directly to him.
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