Posted by Jeremy on December 21, 2019 at 04:46 AM CST
The surprise reveal of 4002019 LEGO Staff Christmas Gift, in the form of the Yuletide Squadron X-wing fighter, raised a collective squeal of delight from the LEGO and Star Wars fan communities (and caused completists to gnash their teeth).

Today's news is of a limited edition promotional LEGO Star Wars gift box which contains a (non-Star Wars) Christmas puzzle and an art booklet, and comes in a LEGO Star Wars paper bag.

These are seemingly limited to 300 pieces, claims the only eBay listing of this item, and are only available in selected LEGO stockists in the Czech Republic.

The auction, linked above, also includes the staff Christmas card, created by Joseph Cowlishaw of the recognized community Toy Photographers, and the 4002019 LEGO Staff Christmas Gift, as well as a 40176 Scariff Trooper minifigure polybag.
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