Posted by Rich on November 4, 2013 at 07:38 AM CST
Although Boba Fett may be the best figure in the 6-inch Black Series line so far, for a figure in a premium collectors line, it feels like something's missing.

This Boba Fett figure is a repaint of the Boba Fett from the Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite set from SDCC / CEII earlier this year. It's not an "clone," however, because the weathering on the belt pouches and spats is noticeably lighter. The rest of the paint applications match the random/inconsistent pattern we've seen on all of the figures in the 6-inch line, so finding two that are precisely alike is unlikely. One thing I did notice is the exclusive Fett's Sacros K-11 Blaster Pistol has a mold identification marker on it (in my case, the number 3), while the single boxed Fett's K-11 does not. Onto the review...

Boba Fett looks great because the character's armor bodes well to hiding articulation points. When you pull the figure out of the box and start moving it around, you get an appreciation for how good it is. I particularly like the range of motion in the ball-jointed torso, which you may not even realize is there because it's so well hidden. Another nice touch is that Fett's gauntlets rotate so you have some flexibility with the arms position when posing the figure.

As I was bending joints and rotating limbs, I began to notice just how well painted the figure is (and how ugly those visible pins in the knees are) . The weathering looks fantastic, the tampo prints on the shoulders and chest are crisp and clear, and the dents and scuffs on the helmet coupled with the light gloss finish on the visor are nice touches. The helmet itself sits atop a ball-hinge so it has the extended range of motion and depending on its position will hide/show the neck seal. It looks great, but what looks even better is the shape of the helmet. A Hasbro Boba Fett figure's helmet is finally shaped like Boba Fett's helmet!

Expecting that a 6-inch figure would have similar or better articulation than a 3-3/4-inch figure, I pushed down the range finder on Fett's helmet only to be disappointed. This is where my love affair with this figure ended. The range finder cannot be flipped down. It's not articulated and I don't understand why. One of the first times we see Fett pursuing the Falcon in the Slave I, his range finder is down so this feature is a must if you're going to call these figures premium figures. Disappointed by the range finder's lack of articulation I soon found my critical eye was drawn other flaws with the figure.

When I equipped Fett with his accessories, the first thing that jumped out at me was how big the holster on the figure's right hip is. The accessories themselves are fine. The blasters are nicely painted and the backpack fits tightly into the back via a peg, but the holster seemed bulky and it appears like it didn't need to be so bulky to still be functional. When trying to pose Fett in a squatting type position with the EE-3 rifle drawn, the holster had some give allowing the legs to be moved, but the belt pouches hindered the ability of the hips to move forward. This makes achieving some of the iconic crouched pose Fett strikes impossible, but thankfully the upper body makes up for the

As great a figure as Boba Fett is, I can't help but feel like Hasbro didn't load this figure up out of the gate. Little touches like an articulated range finder, a removable rocket in the jetpack, a removable gauntlet dart or soft goods Wookiee scalps would have truly made this figure feel premium (the hindered hip articulation is a real bummer too). To me, Fett feels like an evolved, blown-up 3-3/4-inch figure and that concerns me. Hasbro usually launches new lines with a bang, but if they haven't come out swinging with a character like Boba Fett, I'm afraid that future figures will be missing those little touches that make a figure feel like a premium figure.

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