Posted by Curto on June 8, 2005 at 08:03 AM CST
Our Restaurant Collectibles update includes all 5 toys released in the sixth and final wave, including Super Battle Droid Water Squirter, Tarfful Plush, Landspeeder Pull-Back, Watto Wind-Up, and Mace Windu Viewer. Also available again this week is the Discover the Mystery of Darth Vader figure, which includes a hidden Anakin Skywalker!
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With the new Blu-Ray boxed set and individual Steelbooks announcement, we've sent our ever-inquizitive Probe Droid out to find out whether you are interested in the new offerings.
I'm a fan of Steelbooks, so I'm getting all six
I'm in for all three original trilogy Steelbooks
I'll get all three prequel trilogy Steelbooks
I'm getting all six Steel Books and the boxed set
I'll pick up the boxed set
I have the last Blu-Ray release and have no intention on spending another penny on content I already own
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