Posted by Philip on July 13, 2020 at 06:30 AM CST
A reminder from Regal Robot:

Starting Monday at 12 noon, our newest life-sized prop replica bust will be available to order! We’ve faithfully recreated Mos Eisley droid CZ-3 using a scan of the original prop costume worn in Star Wars. Each bust is hand painted by our team with layers of aging and distressing for that classic lived-in look that the Star Wars galaxy is so famous for.

Whether you prefer the super-limited Signature Edition, which comes with unique weathering and a plaque signed by original sculptor from the film, Brian Muir, or our limited Numbered Edition with hand-numbered plaque and bust, we’re taking orders for both editions, Monday, July 13th, starting at 12pm EST.

NUMBERED EDITION – limited to 50 pieces. Both the bust and plaque will be hand numbered. Hand painted authentic Star Wars style distressing.

SIGNATURE EDITION – limited to just 15 pieces. Includes a plaque signed by original prop sculptor Brian Muir. Both the bust and plaques will be hand numbered. Features authentic Star Wars style distressing and additional layers of desert weathering and simulated “grease drips” to match CZ-3’s Mos Eisley scene.

Orders are first come, first served and busts will be allocated based on the order which checkout is completed.

Both editions will be offered with our new 3 easy payments Payment Plan. See here for full details on that plan.
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