Posted by Philip on August 18, 2020 at 08:20 AM CST

From Regal Robot:

Jabba the Hutt will be a limited, numbered edition based on Phil Tippett’s original concept sculpture used to bring the infamous character to life. The original has been kept at Skywalker Ranch since production and we’re so lucky to get to handle the props and artifacts of these classic films in making our creations. Our replica Jabba was painstakingly digitally recreated from extensive photographs and measurements of that statue. Cast in heavy, solid polyurethane resin and made in the USA, each will be hand painted, making each a unique tribute to the artistry involved behind the scenes of our favorite films.

Folks can see a teaser and some more info about it here:

This edition will be available to order on August 24th starting at 12pm Eastern. Special note - This item will be eligible for our new, 3 easy payments plan!

Full details and photos will be posted on our site that day, so keep an eye on our social accounts where we’re @Regalrobot or join our email newsletter to be alerted when that goes live and be in the know for this and all of our upcoming releases.

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