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San Diego Comic-Con is the time of year when the toy companies break out the big guns and show off the upcoming toys for the year, as well as offer a sneak peek into next year's toy line. This year is no differnet, and we're following along LIVE from the convention.

Here's the official announcement:
Star Wars Day: Hasbro Panel Hear from the Hasbro Design and Marketing teams about what's in store for the remainder of 2010. They will also offer a special sneak peek into some 2011 secrets. Featuring Derryl DePriest and Chad Donvito of Hasbro Marketing, and Brian Parrish, Mark Boudreaux, Brian Merten, Andrew Franks, and Vickie Stratford of Hasbro Design.

The panel has taken the stage and they are making introductions.

The Clone Wars is the best-selling toy line, and Hasbro is thanking the fans for their support. Celebrating 30 years of The Empire Strikes Back.

Now showing off the new cardbacks for Saga Legends and The Clone Wars.

Starting with The Clone Wars:

New figures coming soon: Kit Fisto, Mace Windu, Battle Droid, ARF Trooper
Ki-Adi-Mundi, Clone Pilot, Flamethrower Clone

Now talking about the Battle Game pack-ins...a mailaway Sgt. Bric figure is coming, as well as a play mat for the game and the figures will play on it.

Some repainted deluxe vehicles and Battle Packs are coming, with a lot of troop builders.
- More clones, ARC Troopers from Season 3
- AAT, Swamp Speeder, Hyena Bomber is a new vehicle, as well as the Xanadu Blood (Cad Bane's ship), RC Hailfire Droid

Moving on The Vintage Collection. There will be 37 basic figures. More than just OT figures, will also include PT and EU.

EPISODE III wave: Darth Sidious, Anakin Skywalker, Magnaguard, General Grievous, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sandtrooper (a Greatest Hits repack figure), Clone Trooper, Commander Cody.
There will be silver foil UGH variants, starting with this wave.

EPISODE VI wave: Gamorrean Guard (will have a skirt!), Luke Skywalker (Death Star II), Admiral Ackbar, Wooof, R2-D2 (sculpted a little smaller than normal with lots of accessories), Wicket W. Warrick (no longer a 2-pack, but he will come with his animated accessories), Wedge Antilles (X-Wing Pilot),

Now talking about the mailaway Boba Fett in Vintage style....finally getting the rocket-firing feature.

Moving onto vehicles:
Snowspeeder (now smaller and more accurate), Cloud Car (never say never!...sorry Brian), and of course the BAT-AT!

Force FX Lightsabers... now come with removable blades: Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi.....on sale at the Hasbro booth!

Over in Galactic Heroes... more 2-packs: Maul/Obi-Wan, Mandalorianss, Vader/Palpatine, Dooku/Commando Droid. mini-AT-AT...

Now talking about the roleplay Boba Fett helmet and rifle...electronics and cool kid features. General Grievous lightsaber....a little demonstration. Very cool.

Transformers a flying Millennium Falcon. same stuff seen during Toy Fair...

Now onto NEW stuff?

Video game figures...more will be coming in 2012. For now, there are a few of them coming.


- Kul Teska from THE CLONE WARS game (K-Mart)
- Jodo Kast (K-Mart)
- Nikto Skiff Gaurd (Toys "R" Us)
- Clone Wars Adventures 2-packs with Malevolence trilogy DVD (Walmart)

LEGACY OF THE DARK SIDE 2-packs (similar to Evolutions):
- Grievous, Boba Fett, Anakin (looks like all repacks)

More TCW sets at Target (4-packs and 2-packs)
Kmart will have Clone Comamndo Squad (yep, more clones)
Walmart gets Kit Fisto's Starfighter

Geonosis Arena will continue at Target: Obi-Wan & SBD, Rodian Jedi (Badoo Bok?) & BD, Anakin and DD, R2-and C-3PO (BAD version), Dooku & Jedi (guy whose name I can't remember)

Toys "R" Us will have vintage-style packaging for AT-AT, and Target will have TIE Fighter (new cockpit/small wing combo), and Snowspeeder

Mighty Muggs will continue but now only smaller. Also at Target

"Monster pack" Hoth Battle Packs (Rebel and Imperial sets)...coming to Target

Comic Packs
5 canceled sets were picked up Entertainment Earth. Also convention exclusives...

More to come at Celebration V
They have to hold something back...a lot has been leaked already.

Q&A Session
- Unleashed Battle Packs...not continuing.
- Robot Chicken sets....not commenting on that
- Twilight from TCW? not planning it.
- some stuff will be revealed soon..stay tuned.
- "mini-muggs" continue into other properties? possibly>>>NO Jar Jar
- The LC EU wave are coming to online retailers...might see a re-release.
- no more WOTC miniatures.
- more members of Rogue Squadron...hopefully. wait and see...over time, they would love to do all of them.

Panel ends....
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