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Star Wars Collector's Panel Gallery

Star Wars Collectors' Panel

In attendance:

Chris Spitale -Lucasfilm Licensing
Ashly Powell -Gentle Giant LTD
Brant Bridges -Sideshow Collectibles
Bryan Ono -eFX
Dan Lujan & Kirt Nakamura -Kotobukiya

The panel started off on a slightly silly foot with computer/ presentation troubles. While the technical issues were being worked out, the panel moved forward with their trivia contest, and a few collectors scored some awesome swag. As soon as the technical issues were resolved, the presentations began. Here is a run down:


-A New Hope Darth Vader 1/1 scale Helmet. There will be two versions of this piece. one version will be screen accurate while the other will be very clean and shiny. Both versions will share the same price point and edition size.

-Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Pilot Helmet.

-Imperial TIE Fighter FX Model.

-Luke Skywalker 'Reveal' Lightsaber. This piece will open up to show off some of the elegant weapon's inner workings.

-Ralph McQuarrie 1/1 Scale Stormtrooper Concept Helmet.

In addition, the topic of the Make A Wish Stormtrooper Helmet Project revealed that the eFX helmet will not be rendered to resemble something totally unique in favour of it being the surface for many cool Star Wars signatures.

Gentle Giant LTD

-Presented a video that illustrated their commitment to their new Jumbo 12" Vintage figures. Done in commercial style, the Jumbo portion of the presentation was very cool. Of the figures currently shown, there is also a Death Squad Commander on its way.

-After that, the rest of their video showed off a lot of design drawings for upcoming statues and busts. Surprisingly, there were quite a few Jar Jar sketches mixed into it all. While not brought up in the presentation, Gentle Giant told us that they are trying to devise a way to produce a 1/6 scale Creature Cantina environment that would connect the Blue Snagletooth and the just revealed Greedo with additional statues to create the ultimate bar scene.

-Also not mentioned during the panel but interesting enough to pass on, the Snow Bunny Padme, which is going to be the 2010 Holiday Gift, may not see a non-festive version. We'll see.


-More Chopstick Sabers were revealed to the public for the first time (but you saw them in our Toy Fair coverage), including Darth Maul's chopsticks, that through the magic of magnetism, can go from two eating utensils into one badass double ended lightsaber.

-New additions to their ArtFX Plus line were discussed, including the 1/10 scale Stormtrooper two pack that comes with a selection of additional arms and legs allowing the owner to display them in at least seventeen unique poses.

-The Boba Fett and Darth Vader ArtFX figures are going to be sold separately, but can be combined using an extra base packed with the Vader to recreate the "What if he doesn't survive?" scene from The Empire Strikes Back. The additional base is designed to look like the Freezing Chamber floor, and follows a soft C silhouette. Each figure will have its own magnetic display stand, that when combined will fit under the larger display allowing the collectors to not only keep their extra pieces all in one hidden space, and at the same time allow the smaller stands magnetic design to continue to function as the figure's key support mechanism.

-They discussed the concept behind their new Darth Maul figure, and how the inspiration is from icon ancient Japanese Ukiyo-e scroll art.

-The most interesting piece however, is their upcoming interruptive design inspired by Anakin's redemption in Return Of The Jedi. Sure the figure has both hands and a lightsaber, but the cool factor of the many hidden internal LED lights and skeletal inner sculpt, makes this a very promising piece. One we can't wait to see in person!

Sideshow Collectibles

-Sideshow's presentation left the audiences numb with sensory overload, showing off way more than anyone could ever hope for.

-With the success of their 1/6 scale line, SSC is upping the ante by taking us to the droids of the saga showing off digital designs for General Grievous, the Separatist Battle Droid, and IG-88! In the case of IG-88, they went on to explain that this figure will have awesome articulation and more detail than we can imagine.

-The digital design for the 1/6 scale Boba Fett helmet was shown, but its still aways off.

-SSC is developing a 1/6 scale Dewback.

-The Creature Cantina band will be able to entertain your Star Wars toy shelf (shelves) soon.

-The little Twi'lac from season 1 of The Clone Wars will be joining the 1/6 scale collection.

-More Clone Troopers are coming.

-The classic Stormtrooper is coming to the Premium Format line, but was quickly overshadowed by the announcement of the Emperor Darth Sidious 1/4 scale figure with throne that will feature at least four points of articulation to allow the owner to display the living heck out of him!

-Aayla Secura, Mara Jade, and Shaak Ti will be gracing your PF collection in the next while.

-Their coming out what might be a new and interesting maquette series that explores the characters outside of the scenes in the films. Taking inspiration from the original influences Lucasfilm used, collectors will see statues such as a Man With No Name flavoured Boba Fett, and a General Grievous, an Obi-Wan Kenobi, and a Darth Maul that feels like they came from an Akira Kurosawa film.

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