Posted by D. Martin on July 13, 2012 at 01:03 PM CST
Star Wars: Collectibles Update Panel Report

Moderated by Chris Spitale from Lucsfilm Licensing, the panel started off with Kotobukia's Dan Lujan, who showed off their offerings for 2012.

Dan noted Kotobukia just celebrated their 60th Anniversary. The presentation included:

- Those popular silicone ice trays, which will be coming in a large "deluxe" size. To start off, we'll get R2, Han Carbonite, and the Falcon. We'll also be getting a Deathstar ice tray, which will create ice spheres for cooling your drink.
- Light-up versions (at last) of the popular lightsaber chopsticks, coming this winter ($14.99).
- The ARTFX+ (1/10th scale statues) line will be getting a ROTJ Boba Fett ($49.99), and a ROTJ Vader (also $49.99). Both come with interchangable arms. Vader will even sport an extra portrait. They'll also be releasing a Royal Guard 2-Pack, which goes great with the ESB Vader (as seen in their booth). These guys will be priced at $64.99. Finally, they showed off a rendering of the Jango Fett ARTFX+ statue, due in the Fall of 2013, to coincide with the Attack of the Clones 3-D movie.
- R2-A6 will be the CVI exclusive, limited to 500 pieces. Inlcudes an individually numbered Darth Maul collector coin. Booth #903. Priced at $29.99.
- ARTFX Bishoujo Jaina Solo (on hand at their SDCC booth, and in our SDCC photo gallery) . $64.99 this Fall.
- Final announcement: Mara Jade ARTFX Bishoujo will be coming soon. No preview of Mara just yet, but she is in development!

Next up was Ashly Powell from Gentle Giant Ltd. - who noted they are celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Ashly played a video that ran through:

- Assorted minibusts from their booth (Wald, Rebel Trooper, Sebulba/Anakin 2-pack, etc)
- CVI Jumbo Lando exclusive
- AT-AT Bookends
- Deluxe Clone Trooper statues, Animated Dewback, Animated Scout Trooper, the Spider Maul, and more - all of which was on display at their booth.

Next was Brant Bridges from Sideshow Collectibles, who showed us:

- 1/6th scale AOTC Obi-Wan, Darth Vader deluxe, assorted clone troopers, snowtroopers, and their tripod cannon, the bounty hunter Bossk (and his exlcusive portrait).
- Star Wars Mythos, which covers those time between films. These statues, with various interchagable parts (heads, hands, etc) cover Obi-Wan, Fett, Maul, and the impressive Darth Vader on Mustafar. Some really creative ideas being executed in this line.
- In the premium format end of things he showed Shaak Ti, Darth Malgus, and the articulated, non-polystone R2 and C-3PO (both of which include light-up features). And finally, a Chewbacca PF! Brant noted it took quite a bit of effort to really lock in on the look of Chewie. He'll stand around 22" tall and include his mighty bowcaster.
- Life-sized pieces, including Darth Vader, a fantastically detailed Boba Fett (take a close at the paint on his helmet and armor and you'll see what we mean), and the incredibly detailed Han Solo in Carbonite.

Last was Bryan Ono and Gino Sabatini from eFX Collectibles, who are working on:

- Expanding their video game lightsaber collection with Starkiller (Galen Marek) from the Force Unleashed game.
- More "Reveal" Lightsabers will be coming - nothing specific discussed just yet.
- Return of the Mini lightsabers, which will now feature electronics!
- Legend Line Darth Maul lightsaber - molded plastic right from the original prop.
- Biker Scout Legend Helmet, also cast from the original Lucasfilm molds, and on display in their booth.
- Ep 5 Yoda puppet (Legend Edition) is in the pipeline. Also coming soon is the Slave 1 FX Model, the original prop of which was on tour in Asia and is finally back in the states where they can start taking molds.

To wrap up the presentation, Chris Spitale gave a preview of some of the Celebration CVI exclusives that'll be available:

- 4 different mini Star Wars statues, including zombie trooper, Mara Jade - limited quanities
- Mark Mancini's art from the various vintage concepts and tins will appear in prints and t-shirts.
- Tauntaun hobby horse from Comic Images, featuring a plush head and wooden "body".
- Gamorrean Guard piggy bank from Think Geek.
- Patrick Nagel-inspire 12 month calendar and beach towel


- Will we even get an AT-AT driver, TIE Pilot 1/6th scale from Sideshow? Yes!
- Kotobukia SW Neck Ties are in Japan, how about here? Maybe.
- Mara Jade lightsaber color for the ARTFX statue? Both! She'll come with interchangable blades.
- Are we getting any other X-Wing fighter helmets besides Luke from eFX? Yes - the Wedge paint master is even on display right now in their booth.
- 12" Indy figures at Sideshow? Yes! Short Round, maybe some Temple of Doom figures.
- Sideshow 1/6 expanded such as Bastila Shan? Yes! Considering all EU possibilities.
- AT-AT Bookend height? 6". Also noted a second version of the bookends will be at CVI.

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