Posted by Curto on August 17, 2007 at 04:01 PM CST
The votes are all in for our top 10 list for the fifth wave of the Saga Legends line.

Two weeks ago, Rebelscum forum mebers were given the opportunity to place their votes for their favorite figures from the past to be brought back out into the fifth wave of Saga Legends. This final wave will be out in 2008, and Hasbro is looking for 5-6 figures to flesh out the wave. Forum members had a week to post their 5 favorite top choices. This was the membership vote.

Earlier this week, the top 25 figures from the Round 1 forum list were tabulated and added into a poll that all Rebelscum readers could participate in. This was the collector vote.

The winners from Round 2 are as follows:

SAGA LEGENDS 2008 Fans' Choice Vote!

1) Commander Neyo
2) Shadow Stormtrooper
3) Spacetrooper
4) Zev Senesca
5) Covert Ops Clone Trooper
6) Ephant Mon
7) Graxol Kelvyyn
8) Durge (Swoop Rider)
9) Zutton (Blue Snaggletooth)
10) Utapau Shadow Clone Trooper

This list has been sent off to Hasbro, where all the lists will be combined together (each website getting an equal voice) with the #1 figure on each list worth 10 points, the #2 figure worth 9 points, #3 worth 8 points, etc. The resultant point values will be used to generate one final Top 20 list which will then be posted to StarWars.Hasbro.Com for netwide fan voting through the end of August. This will be the fan vote.

The winners from that poll will be added to the line next spring. Stay tuned for more details next week!
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