Posted by Curto on August 3, 2007 at 02:21 PM CST
We want your votes!
Hasbro is looking for a final 5-6 figures that will round out the Saga Legends line, and which will be on shelf approximately March 2008. All Star Wars fansites that have been regular contributors to the semi-weekly Star Wars Q&A are welcome to send us their top 10 list of figures they would like to see us re-release.

Fansites can determine these 10 any way they prefer, either by polling their readers or some other method. The figures need to be in rank order of importance from 1-10.

All site top 10 lists need to be received by Friday August 17th. The following Monday, all the lists will be combined together (each website getting an equal voice) with the #1 figure on each list worth 10 points, the #2 figure worth 9 points, #3 worth 8 points, etc. The resultant point values will be used to generate one final Top 20 list which will then be posted to Hasbro.StarWars.Com for netwide fan voting through the end of August.

Figures ineligible for Saga Legends voting consideration

Ineligible: Any figures that have been used for exclusives or mainline sets from March 2007 or later (or previous exclusives whose retailer is still stocking them). This means that figures from sets such as:
  • the McQuarrie convention exclusives (Luke Skywalker, R2-D2 & C-3PO, Obi-Wan & Yoda)
  • Order 66 2-packs
  • Tusken Raiders
  • Mandalorian packs
  • Battlefront II packs
  • AT-RT Patrol
  • 181st TIE Interceptor Pilot
  • ARC-170 Battle Pack
  • Lucas Family pack
  • Shadow Scout Trooper
  • Felucia Battle Pack
  • Ambush on Ilum Battle Pack
  • Clone Attack on Coruscant Battle Pack
  • The Hunt for Grievous Battle Pack
  • Kir Kanos/Carnor Jax comic pack
  • 2007 vintage assortment
  • other upcoming sets are ineligible.

    Some figures will not be eligible because tooling is not available at the time due to their use in upcoming products. This includes any figures from the previous (2005) Evolution packs among others that may not be available.

    Eligible: All other 3-3/4" figures that were either released as basic figures, Vintage figures, vehicle drivers, or released as part of a multi-figure set prior to March 2007. Exclusives and other sets whose figure are eligible for consideration include:
  • Republic Commandos
  • Death Star Briefing Room
  • the Saga Tins
  • Zev Senesca
  • the figures from the Toys R 'Us Endor AT-AT
  • and the like.
    Pretty much all other figures are fair game!

    Rebelscum Voting
    Since each website will be able to poll their readers in any way they want, here's how Rebelscum will handle it.

    First, of all...there will be NO tournament!
    Last year's voting was a lot of fun, but it was a LOT of work. Plus, not every fan enjoyed the face-off bracket-style showdown. Besides, I've already done that, so I want to try something different this time around.

    What I'd like to do is have everyone post their top 5 choices in this thread in our forums, and then next Monday, August 13th, we'll take the top 25 from the forums and open it up to the front page in a poll so everyone (including non-forum members) can have their say.

    These results will be finalized on Friday August 17th (5:00 pm EST) and sent to Hasbro, where they will sort through the lists and come up with the final round of 20 from all the collecting sites.

    This will open up the voting to all fans (not just collectors), where Hasbro will determine the 5-6 figures that will make up the final wave of Saga Legends.
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