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There's still plenty of time to cast your vote in the Saga Legends Fan's Choice Showdown. 8 of your favorite figures from the past are currently facing off against each other for inclusion in next year's line. Remember, the winners of this week's voting will be a lock for inclusion in the your votes really do count!

While we already have some early leaders, anything is possible and we've seen in past weeks where fans have rallied behind their favorite characters and put them over the anything can happen.

But if you still are having a hard time deciding, here are a few points to mull over while making up your mind.

Pit Droids Vs. Biker Scout
Easily the closest showdown we've seen this week, and both have their loyal followers, but which will prove the favorite?

Bonus Pit Droids - defeated so far Aunt Beru Lars, Paploo, and R2-Q5
Pro: A set of Hard-to-find overseas exclusives, these droids that replaced the Commtech chips have long eluded many collectors for years. Should they make the cut, these little guys would be released as a 2-pack of both poses, with a running change to the color scheme, as well as a change to the accessory. This way, all 6 versions would be available to everyone for the first time.
Con: As far as character go, these guys are not terribly exciting. Also, these figures lack multiple points of articulation, which is all the rage these days.

Biker Scout - defeated so far Imperial Sentinel, FX-7, and Clone Trooper Sergeant
Pro: A Super Ariculated Classic Trilogy army builder figure. Need I say more?
Con: This figure has been available just this year, and is still hanging on the shelves in many stores. Plus, a modified version is included in the Return of the Jedi collector tins, which means if you want him, you can probably get him.

Imperial Officers Vs. TC-14
Any soldier of the Empire is always popular, but against a super-rare protocol droid?

Imperial Officers - defeated so far Clone Trooper, Pote Snitkin and Coleman Trebor
Pro: Since there were 3 different head sculpts last time these were released (1 from POTJ, and 2 from SAGA), all three versions would be brought back as a running change. Plus, these guys are great for customizing.
Con: While they look cool, they aren't really officers. These are more like technicians or flight crew members. And how many of thoise do you really need?

TC-14 - defeated so far Ree-Yees, Shocktrooper, and Graxol Kelvyyn
Pro: One of the truly hard-to-find figures from Episode I, this droid was (at the time) the best protocol droid figure, and it really still holds up. Can also serve as various other silver protocol droids from other movies in dioramas.
Con: Lack of articulated knees. Minor background character.

Sandtrooper Sergeant Vs. R4-I9
Both are members of the Galactic Empire, but will the trooper or the astromech rule the day?

Sandtrooper Sergeant - defeated so far Battle Droids, 2-1B, and Sandtrooper Squad Leader
Pro: A Super Ariculated Classic Trilogy army builder figure, that was included in the second "Troops" Evolutions set, which was hard-to-find for many. This guy can also double as a Stormtrooper simply by removing the gear. For EU fans, this makes a great Sgt. Davin Felth who said the immortal line "Look sir, Droids!"
Con: The torso is not articulated due to the backpack. He's REALLY dirty.

R4-I9 - defeated so far Clone Pilot, Sio Bibble and Boba Fett
Pro: It's an astromech droid...and chicks dig the dome. Even if it's more cone-shaped. Plus, this figure was only available in the Imperial Forces multipack at Toys "R" Us, making it a tough-to-find if you didn't get the set.
Con: It's an astromech droid. Not terribly exciting to some. Its screen time was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment. Plus, it's a repaint of another figure (POTJ'
s R4-I9), and not based on the more popular ROTS R4-G9 mold.

Darktrooper Vs. Coruscant Clone Commander
Two Expanded Universe troopers of very different natures, and one them is a droid! But which is the more popular figure?

Darktrooper - defeated so far Oola, R3-A2 and Clone Trooper
Pro: Another hard-to-find figure, this time from the Expanded Universe line, this figure is huge! Originally appearing in the Dark Forces video game, recent appearances in the Battlefront games certainly add more to the characters popularity.
Con: This figure's from the POTF2 era, and the sculpting and articulation show it.

Coruscant Clone Commander - defeated so far Death Star Droid, Salecami Clone Trooper and Ephant Mon
Pro: Another figure from the second "Troops" Evolutions set that was hard-to-find for many collectors, this figure is Super Articulated and can double as the "Coruscant Landing Platform Commander" or one of his troopers by changing the belt (both belts would be included) and removing the pauldron.
Con: While based on Revenge of the Sith, this guy (the Commander) was not in the film. Plus, some fans are weary of clones at this point.

Which figures do you want to see brought back for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars? Make your votes heard! Head on over and place your vote today!
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