Posted by Curto on November 13, 2006 at 12:01 AM CST
We're down to the Elite 8! Fans continue to choose which of their favorite figures in the modern line will be incorporated into the Saga Legends (formerly known as Greatest Hits 2007). This week, we see a head-to-head tournament between 8 different figures!

"Greatest Hits 2007" Now Called SAGA LEGENDS
As revealed last week, the official name of the line will be Saga Legends. Starting next spring, this line will run alongside The 30th Anniversary Collection throughout 2007. This will be a series of 20-24 straight repackaged figures from across the entire modern Star Wars collection, complete with collector coins with the 6 different movie logos on them, depending on the character.

Saga Legends Fan's Choice
Welcome to the most important week of voting! Here's something just for the fans...and where your vote really does count. 8 figures in the line will be specially designated as Saga Legends Fan's Choice. While 4 of those figures have already been selected from Phase 1 voting (to be revealed soon), the other 4 figures will be determined right here.

That's right, the winners from this week's showdown will be made in the "Fan's Choice" subline. Exactly which figures will win is entirely up to you!

To make it easier to keep track of who's being voted on in each showdown, check out the handy scorecard (now updated for week 4 and with the official name for the line) that not only shows which figures are facing off, but also gives you a look at who's who (just in case you still need a reminder.) Plus you can track each figure's progress throughout the tournament.

Remember - your vote is more important than ever! Only the winners from this week are a lock for the Saga Legends Fan's Choice subline. So head on over and place your vote today!
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