Posted by D_Martin on December 22, 2005 at 11:48 PM CST
Really, it comes to little surprise that a figure as cool as Sideshow?s 12? Anakin would sell out in record time, but it?s not always the easiest thing for some collectors to make arrangements to purchase a collectible in the seven days it took for this to sell out. After all, not everyone has a regular Internet source to keep up to date on what?s new. Not everyone has access to a credit card either. What ever the case may be, we here at Rebelscum don?t want to see anyone go without. So let?s step off the edge and take a moment to weigh your options.

The Sideshow Collectibles Waiting List
Just because it says ?sold out? on Sideshow?s order page doesn?t mean that getting an Anakin figure from them is completely out of the question. Always remember that these are pre-orders and as such, collectors? credit cards are not billed until the figure is ready to ship. In the case of most of their figures, that period of time can run a couple of months. In that time some collector?s credit may be declined. Furthermore, some collectors may go completely crazy and cancel their order? (I know, you?d have to be insane to do that, but some collectors are wackos ?of course, we all know that Rebelscum readers are not crazy, but there are at least 100 collectors out there that don?t read Rebelscum, and that clearly proves they are nuts)

Whatever the case may be, there are instances where collectors have been able to score figures from Sideshow after they?ve sold out because of the above reasons, so it is always worth while to try the Waiting List option. Do keep in mind they only accept so many Waiting List orders before they cut them off, so you?ll still have to act fast.

Rebelscum?s Sponsors
If you don?t make it on the Sideshow Waiting List, all hope is not lost. Check out our sponsors. Buying from our sponsors is a safe way to guarantee high quality and integrity. It is a strict policy at Rebelscum that only the best online stores can be site sponsors, so you can always order with confidence. In the case of the 12? Sideshow figures, right now both Legends Action Figures and Entertainment Earth are offering these figures on pre-order. ?But Sideshow is sold out. How will this help?? Well, it is a combination of their online sales and their wholesale accounts that create a sell out for Sideshow. So while they have no more to sell, their wholesales accounts still have stock coming.

This doesn?t change the production number orders, but it is only the Exclusive versions that are sold exclusively on the Sideshow site (makes sense). The regular production version is available to both the Sideshow site and their wholesale accounts. That means the sell out reflects Sideshow?s stock only.

Good Old Fashioned Collectors Stores
Nothing beats being able to buy a toy off of a store?s shelf, and ruling this out in how you collect the 12? line is silly. For the most part, all the local stores that stock Sideshow?s figures are in fact wholesales account holders. That?s right; that means they are legitimate Sideshow dealers. That also means they get their stock shipped to them the same time as the online stores. All you have to do is let your fingers do the walking. A few minutes looking up phone numbers and a few more making phone calls could lead to you acquiring these amazing toys in your own neighborhood. You might even get some exercise, or enjoy a conversation with another living human being. A perfect situation for everyone but shut ins?

So there you have it. You no longer have any excuse not to get in on what is likely to be the best figures to come out of the modern age of Star wars collecting.
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