Posted by Nick on May 27, 2017 at 08:43 PM CST
Ok. So you have had ample time to review the photos and consult the clues on Facebook and Twitter, which hint at all of the photos I appear in throughout the galleries. Now it is time.

When Can I Submit?

Starting as of this post. Send your submission response here and not the group email. We will take responses until midnight on Monday, 29 May eastern standard time.

What Do I Need To Submit?

So as to be fair and not ridiculous it is not going to be the first to submit is the winner. Rather it is the person who submits the most information. At minimum, you need to identify at least four photos I appear in with the name of the booth and what is prominently displayed in the foreground.

What Do I Need To Win?

So how do you as a Star Wars fan get something without being the first to submit or queue in a line? You willl have to rely on your keen powers of observation and ability to search the archives. So by saying at minimum you must identify four photos, that means there are more and these are really hard to find. (Hint: My face may not be in them but other parts of me are.)

Next, can you identify what pins I am wearing on my lanyard in each photo? (Hint: They are all from Celebration this year, some are exclusives, and some change between photos.) Can you identify the shirts I am wearing? (Hint: They are all from the same line and licensee.) Final category, which exclusives did I pick up from Celebration? (Hint: Two should be obvious from the photos, the third is not but I have only posted on this product line once, I even left a very subtle clue in the links below.)

The more you can answer from the above, the stronger you are with the force and the true winner you are. Is there some other detail even I have missed? Who knows, someone pointed out to me a photo I did not even realize I was in, so it is possible that even I missed some detail.

What If More Than One Person Gives A Similar Submission?

In the potential event that more than one person gives the same amount of answers the winner will then be whoever submitted it first. Remember, the winner will always be who shot first.

What If I Am A Forum Member Who Is Playing But Met You At Celebration When I Picked Up My Badge?

As mentioned in the contest introduction, you can still play but are not eligible for the main prize. You can get a Weeping Wookiee sticker if you submit the answers with your forum name. There are two available, so the first two with the most correct answers win.

May the force be with you.
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