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Rum Sleg is a bounty hunter, naturally (there are apparently very few career options in a galaxy far, far way.) Appearing twice in the first Star Wars prequel, he can be seen right before the Pod Race sequence, and once again in the crowd as a spectator. He immediately stands out, with his brightly colored outfit and skull-like face, but we had to wait 10 years before he was graced with an action figure.

Like many Star Wars designs, Rum Sleg immediately seems to have a history. He has the same dirty flight-suit aesthetic that Boba Fett has, mixed with a kind of late 50ís/early 1960ís astronaut. Wookieepedia notes that his true face is hidden behind the skull mask, making his actual species and origin unknown. Underneath the figure's removable helmet, Rum Sleg is revealed to have gray skin and white dreadlocks.

Released in 2009 as part of the 8th wave of The Legacy Collection assortment, Rum Sleg comes packaged with a removable helmet, two blaster pistols, a breathing tank backpack, and two build-a-droid pieces for L8-L9. He features 12 points of articulaion, with ankle articulation being notably absent.

Rum Sleg's timeless design fits in with any of the film eras, making him a great addition to any shelf. Check out our photo archive entry here.
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