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Rappertunie is a frog-like, potbellied Shawda Ubb musician who plays a harmonica-like instrument called a growdi, which is described in the Star Wars Databank as a cross between a water organ and a flute. Sounds lovely. The character was added to the extended musical number in the Special Edition of Return of the Jedi. He was realized using a traditional puppet digitally inserted into the film. According to the bio on the back of his packaging, Rappertunie elected to stay behind while most of the band went to the Great Pit of Carkoon, thus saving his life.

Rappertunie's action figure was released in 2004 as part of the Saga assortment. He was packaged with his wacky space harmonica, which is comprised of a base and a mouthpiece with a cord. He features seven points of swivel articulation, including head, shoulders, forearms, and hips.

He is a very striking and colorful figure, with deep greens, yellows, and bronze. Despite his unnecessary addition to the film, he is a worthy addition to your shelf. Click here to see our photo archive entry.
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