Posted by D. Martin on September 15, 2012 at 02:23 AM CST
Now that the post celebration exhaustion is finally slipping away, and the daily duties of the Scummer team are falling back into place, you'll start seeing a lot of the regular features you love return to the front page. For me personally (and for Adam and Rich as well) that means hours in the photo studio as we bring the Rebelscum Photo Archive back up to date and better than ever. Of course, photographing children's toys for the entertainment and enlightenment of adults is only one of my duties on this site. Another of those duties is to showcase odd, silly, and often times ridiculous Star Wars collectibles. eBay Today started in early 2001, and has often been the funnest part of my day, and today is no exception. In fact, today's topic may very well be the one topic I've been dying to write about since starting the feature. It's a topic that is close to the hearts of most heterosexual males and homosexual females in the original Star Wars Generation: The Uncontrollable Sexiness Of Princess Leia Organa.

Yeah, yeah, the modern generation of Star Wars fans are inundated with so much these days that it is easy to forgive their lack of focus, but for us first generation Star Wars fans that lived in a world without Interwebs (and believe it or not, no iPhones) it was easy to keep our attention, and that is something Carrie Fisher was able to do for a long time. A long time.

When we first caught a glimpse at her as she turned and looked our way in 1977 we were hooked! We all know other people auditioned for the part of Princess Leia Organa, and for a while George Lucas was leaning towards Cindy Williams, who he had worked with previously on American Graffiti (She played Laurie, BTW), but thankfully he realized that she wasn't our princess. There is only one person who was our Princess, and that's just the way we liked it.

We've all heard the story of how there are no brassieres in space, and we are thankful for that, but it was never just her titivations and assets that made us so passionate about the Imperial Senator on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan (though we do question her excuse since Alderaan is where she is grew up and called home, so she didn't really need to add the 'diplomatic mission' part to justify her travels...). No, what made Princess Leia the apple of so many of our eyes was her spunk. Her take charge attitude. Her defiance in the face of her adversaries. Let's call a spade a spade: Darth Vader chokes the bejeesus out of people just for gits and shiggles, yet our Princess Leia stood toe to toe with the Dark Lord Of The Sith and gave him lip... And got away with it! Sure, we all now know that she's his daughter, but back in the day neither us nor Vader knew that fact. Leia could have found herself at the nasty end of a Force choke, just like her mom did (by the same guy no less) but she couldn't give a rip. She was Princess effing Leia of Alderaan B****, so put that in you pipe and smoke it.

Thing is, in A New Hope Vader was just the muscle (hard to believe as that is). Grand Moff Tarkin was the real baddie, and our girl still couldn't care less. Heck, she really gave him the stink eye and more lip than a Kristina Rei lookalike contest. That forever had Carrie Fisher painted on our hearts.

Then. Then there was The Empire Strikes Back. For many, including myself, this was Princess Leia at her uncontrollable sexiest! She found the bra that wasn't supposed to exist in space, and for the most part covered herself up in a padded cold terrain suit, and you know what, she still made our hearts skip a beat. In fact, speaking for myself, TESB version of Leia has always been the level I base all sexiness on. If you don't get what I mean watch the film again and focus only on Carrie Fisher... you'll never be the same again!

Obviously, I'm not caught up on revealing outfits and/or exposed flesh when I determine the overall sexiness of anything, but to put the final nail in the coffin, Lucas created a story that required exposing almost every inch of our sultry Princess (thank you for that, BTW) and the sexiness of Carrie Fisher was forever cemented in our brains, and for that we have to thank the lady herself, and the countless crunches she must have endured to make that costume look so damn good. Even though the slave suit wasn't needed, it did nothing to hurt our love affairs with Princess Leia, even if it was her character more than her physical form that we fell head over heels in love with.

That said, when pursuing eBay for the latest instalment for the original eBay Star Wars spotlight feature, I was surprised how many sellers thought it was necessary to include the word 'sexy' to the title of their Princess Leia auctions, since that one word is most certainly implied. And sadly, not a single one of those auctions was for The Empire Strikes Back era Leia.

At any rate, don't let any of the paragraphs above stop you from checking out all the Sexy Princess Leia auctions currently live on eBay.


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