Posted by D. Martin on September 17, 2012 at 12:11 AM CST
Lando Calrissian. He's a card player, gambler, scoundrel. You'd like him. Know what else he is? The most complex supporting character in the entire Star Wars Saga that's what.

Seriously, if you were to dig into the psychology of Star Wars you would realize just how complex this character is, and for a supporting character, this much depth is almost completely unheard of. When we met him in The Empire Strikes Back we knew that he was very much like our man Han Solo. He was going for self, and doing only what served his cause. Unlike Solo though, Calrissian never found himself between a rock and a hard spot... Until we met him that is.

Despite his shady past, Bespin's Cloud City was Lando's redemption. The chance to legitimize himself and be responsible for more than just his own actions. For countless years, he efficiently ran the tibanna gas mines of Bespin and always kept in mind what was right for the people living within his massive facility. How he became the administrator was irrelevant. He was who he was and did what he did for the benefit of thousands of people, and he did so in a way that kept their interests under the radar of the Empire.

So imagine the horrible spot he was put into when Darth Vader and Boba Fett came a knocking. Imagine the choice he was given between betraying an old friend he hadn't seen in years and protecting thousands of innocent civilians. We all know from watching the film that the deal was constantly being reworked by Vader as he single-mindedly plotted to ensnare young Skywalker, but have we ever really looked at the big picture from Lando's eyes?

Here is man that had everything to lose. He had no involvement in the war between the Empire and the Rebels. He was only trying to do what was right for himself and the people in his care. In a lot of ways, Lando became the character that best illustrated how evil the Empire was, and man alive, did they push the wrong mofo. Had Vader left him well enough alone on his tibanna gas mine, the second Death Star would likely not have been destroyed and Sidious' reign would most likely have continued with or without a new apprentice.

In many ways, it was putting this one man against the wall that lead to the ultimate destruction of the Empire. There is a good chance that neither of our Darths, Sidious or Vader, had seen Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song and completely underestimated that pushing the administrator of Cloud City was going to force our man to put his boot up the their assets in such a fashion.

Let us never forget, Lando blew up the second Death Star without the benefit of the Force. Dude did it with nothing more than determination and pure swagger.

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