Posted by D. Martin on September 29, 2012 at 03:51 AM CST
I'd like to think that you would need to have a couple of hours to talk about Star Wars to find out I'm not a big fan of the Expanded Universe, but the fact is you only need about four minutes of face time to realize that I'm a dyed-in-the-wool G-Level cannon type of Star Wars fan with little personal attachment to the E.U. It's not that my love for the 'Wars is any less than anyone else's, it just very well defined. To me, Star Wars is a twelve hour story. I'm willing to include The Clone Wars into the equation and since the guys on the ForceCast have all but forced me to watch the show, I have to agree that it fits within what I personally consider Star Wars Fact. (and I secretly thank Jason & Jimmy daily for encouraging me to look beyond the films to this great extension to the story we see unravel over the six part saga.)

For the most part, I've always looked at all six films equally,and have analysed them all -for the most part- equally. Sure, having grown up with Episodes four through six, I've probably spent more actual time thinking about those chapters than the first three, but that doesn't effect my love for the first three episodes in the saga. In fact, growing up with the last three chapters hasn't narrowed my overall love of Star Wars in any way.

It's true that The Phantom Menace wasn't enough to make me push away the Classic Trilogy, but when Attack Of The Clones was released, my appreciation for the story of Anakin's rise and fall and ultimate redemption was completely sated. Anyone who has spent any time paying attention to the crap I spew knows that I'm a very serious fan of Episode II, and if it weren't for the sheer brilliance that was Revenge Of The Sith, there is a very good chance that Attack Of The Clones would be my favourite film in the Saga.

The point of all of this is that, from my point of view, what we were raised with doesn't define what Star Wars is or even what it should be. I've had close friends tease me about my tenacious defence of the first three chapters in Lucas' epic tale, but I don't see how any appreciation for Star Wars can be disregarded.

My intent for this edition of eBay Today was to point out how cool Teebo and Paploo were in the novelization of Return Of The Jedi but in leading up to the point, it became clear that the true topic of this edition is the appreciation of all levels of Star Wars fandom. Every one of us is different. We all have a unique view of what Star Wars is but at the end of the day we are all equal and we all share one very important thing... Even if we appreciate very different elements of it.

All that said, lets try to focus a bit on what was the original intent of this edition of eBay Today, and in doing so we might all see that despite our differing opinions, there is more to our appreciation of Star Wars than six films can ever fully realize.

While these two Ewoks remain nameless in the Return Of The Jedi feature film, both Teebo and Paploo are very important characters in the last chapter of the Star Wars saga according to the novelization of Episode VI. In the book these young braves are well respected members of their community, and beyond their leadership in the battle that lead to the rebellion destroying the shield generator, it was their intervention that prevented General Solo and his crew from being the main course in a banquet honouring a golden god.

What should you take form all the nonsense written above? If there was one theme it would be that Star Wars fandom is more than an appreciation for six films. Its a way of life. Even if we all see it differently, it is the center of what we are and in some ways, the sum of who we all are.

That being said, lets look at Teebo and Paploo stuff on eBay. Sure, they are no Kitster, but that doesn't mean we can't see a bigger picture being told by these two young braves...

Yey! Teebo!

Whoot! Paploo!

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