Posted by D. Martin on May 18, 2012 at 11:00 PM CST
When it comes to highly collectible and much sought after rare variations in the original Kenner line, research is king of the day and common sense is his queen. The "Kenner Star Wars Action Figures With Telescoping Light Saber" auction is the latest addition to the Totally Ridiculous eBay Auction Hall Of Fame not only because there is nothing 'legendary' (beyond how cool the original line is) about these three figures and their single telescoping Lightsabers, all of which were produced from 1978-1984 ('85 for Vader & Ben), but also because the seller wants $750 each. Since the auction has a Buy-It-Now of $750 for all three together, you'd not be wrong to expect all three for that price... Even if these three as a set are only worth about $60-80 collectively.
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