Posted by Jeremy on January 10, 2018 at 02:44 PM CST
Rebelscum recently revealed that 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon was getting a general retail release, including Mr Toys in Queensland, which for those of you who have been frsutrated with looking at "Out of Stock" on the set's shop@home listing for three months you'll be pleasedto learn that Myers and David Jones is now stocking this set.

Australian LEGO sales blog Bricking Around reports:
When I posted yesterday that the Millennium Falcon was back in stock on the Australian online store there was a response from a reader named Arthur who said it had been spotted at Myer and David Jones.

This morning I have called around and can confirm that this massive set is in fact starting to be stocked locally.

Thanks to a very helpful staff member at the Upper Mt Gravatt store I was told that as of around 12:15 PM AEST Myer had the following stock:

Brisbane CBD 5
Melbourne City 14
Southland 6
Doncaster- 7
Perth City 7
Sydney City 21

Obviously this is just what their computer system said at the time. If you are planning to get one I highly recommend calling ahead.

David Jones
Unfortunately the person I spoke to at David Jones was unable to confirm stock because their stock system was down. It is in their system but you will need to try your local store.
Neither stores' websites have pages for the set so it is safe to assume that due to their size these will only be sold in stores. And given that when Myer's stocked 75159 UCS Death Star they immediately reduced the price down from's RRP by 20% in a flash sale.

This means that Aussie consumers might stand a chance of paying closer to what the rest of the world is paying, instead of the 30% gouge that LEGO has put on the set.
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