Posted by Jeremy on January 3, 2019 at 04:30 AM CST
A number of eagle-eyed forum members, including dr_jedi and theottomanguy, noticed a discrepancy concerning the end date of the promotion. The issue being that the initial promotion notification for 5005747 VIP Frame had it ending on January 31st while the public facing page at showed December 31st.

Responding to Rebelscum's request for clarification, LEGO community engagement representative Jordan Paxton sends the following:
"I have confirmed with Shop at Home and our VIP team that this promotion is until January 31st 2019 or until supplies run out."
Which of course means that the "year of Star Wars-themed offers" (which started on February 1st) is actually going to happen... though some folks - the kind of people who look a gift horse in the mouth - argue that the VIP Holder hardly counts as Star Wars-themed.

If you are a card holders you should have already received an email with a unique code and the instructions "Use the following code on any Star Wars purchase to claim yours!" so all you need to do is make any LEGO Star Wars purchase - there is no minimum and there are currently a number of keychains at $2.49.

Don't get too hung up on trying to add your unique code - we are getting reports that the holder is being automatically added to carts, but if you are worried then contact LEGO Consumer Services by clicking on the image below.

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