Posted by Nick on January 25, 2018 at 01:31 PM CST
It seems that Beast Kingdom is back producing great exclusives or specials as they refer to it with an "SP" on the package. They started with a terrific Darth Vader at SDCC 2015 that featured a light-up lightsaber and then a very nice chrome Captain Phasma at SDCC 2016. However, things got weird and we also ended up with a chrome Stormtrooper and Gold Sandtrooper at SDCC 2016, which seem to not be as favored by collectors. Perhaps because they have no place in canon and simply look like trophies. On that point they also released a chrome version of the floating Millennium Falcon. To each their own, however, these were just weird and unnecessary. They could have taken that energy and produced different colored variants of the clone trooper from both the phase one and phase two trooper line.

At any rate we get these great special versions of some of the best figures in the line: Holographic Darth Vader, chrome R2-D2, and gold C-3PO (minus that red arm). Let's take a look and see why these are must have for Beast Kingdom enthusiasts and general collectors alike.

EAA-055 Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back: Hologram Version

First, if you have not noticed this is not technically a special version but its own numbered figure. Beast Kingdom took the EAA-002 version of Vader (as exhibited by the gloves in this set) and made it transparent. The cape is now vinyl but completely flexible. All the other parts function the same including the switch on the back which now lights up the head and body instead of the chest. You can see that he comes with all the accessories, and no the lightsaber does not light up independently. Since he does not use the lightsaber during his holographic appearance, we can cut Beast Kingdom some slack here. He also comes with his display base and character holder but I never feel like I need these because these figures stand great by themselves. If I had one criticism here it is that the battle tabard is not transparent and obstructs the light from permeating to the cape. Other than that a great effort and an amazing figure.

EAA-010SP Star Wars C-3PO and R2-D2

This is clearly a special version of the base line C-3PO and R2-D2 set. However, instead of simply making the set shiny, Beast Kingdom opted to make The Force Awakens versions, essentially rendering these as new figures. They have the same functionality and accessories as the base set. I left all of R2-D2's hatches open so you can see where the accessories can fit. The lights have three settings: lights only, hologram projection of Princess Leia, and everything on. The hologram comes out great but is hard to show in a photo. The third leg is spring-loaded and retractable and will click in when pressed. Once again, the thing I love about C-3PO is his arm rotors move independently when you move the joint at the elbow, adding a great degree of realism to this figure. I have no criticism of this set, it is simply amazing.

Once again these are available at You can check out the linked story for details on how to purchase these figures, which I suggest you do quick if you want one. Exclusives tend to disappear quick and only reappear on eBay for way too much. In general this line is amazing and can be tricky to track down in the secondary market.
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