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I was once an avid Action Fleet collector during the 90's and had all the vehicles, except the Jabba's Sail Barge, which I never knew even existed until I was browsing Rebel Scum's photo archive yesterday! I'm very puzzled as to why after all these years Hasbro keeps rehashing the same old vehicles for their Galoob and Titanium series, but totally ignored this very rare piece. It really looks beautiful (with the Yak Face, R2 and Jabba mini-figures), and now that I know such a toy exists, I'm suffering from that typical edgy, bothered feeling many toy fans have when they can't complete their collection.

At this point in time, I'll be realistic and forgo all hopes of getting my hands on this 1998 antique to complete my classic Action Fleet series, but please tell me if Hasbro might have plans to re-release this under the Titanium Ultra series? I think this makes excellent sense since Hasbro loves rehashing Action Fleet size toys in this series; it's the same size that would fit in the packaging. -Leo

Assuming they still have the Action Fleet pattern to copy (and I can't see why they wouldn't), Hasbro should have everything they need to include this toy in the Titanium Ultra Series. Is it in their plans, or will they get around to it in time; that's hard to say. Frankly I'm a little surprised Hasbro hasn't focused on some of the harder to find or cancelled Action Fleet vehicles for this line already. So far, with the exception of the first two vehicles, the line hasn't gone beyond anything we didn't see warming the shelves in 2002 (which eventually lead to the line being put on hiatus, again?). While I can certainly understand them touching on the 'higher' profile vehicles in the new format, I would have rather seen them spaced out and shipping with an all-new or previously hard to find models. Unfortunately, when I continue to see the same old Slave 1's and Snowspeeders collecting dust, it makes me wonder if there will even be a "next" year for this line.

In [a] photo from the NY Toy Fair '06, there [was] a Qui Gon .45 saber on an Anakin stand. It's obvious that the Anakin saber stand is a stand-in. The obvious question is --- where is the Qui-Gon saber? I love the .45 line but - - - getting a little tired of Vader sabers.

Also, since were on the subject of scaled replicas...

Any idea if the scaled blasters' stands are permanently affixed to the case that's included with the replica? (I appreciate MR providing a case with the purchase, but I would like to use different cases.)

If they are affixed...

Will the cases be the same size, regardless of the size of the blaster?

The reason I ask is...

I'm hoping to use a stackable display system for the blasters. (I use car model display cases for the sabers (two per case) and they stack nicely, saving space) My wife appreciates a stackable system too! -Ghost Man

Since the Qui-Gon .45 saber was shown it must be in the plans, however we still don't have any specific details on it yet. Stay tuned, we'll likely see it again in San Diego, hopefully we'll get more information about it then.

As for the mini blaster stands, I hear they're not permanently attached to the cases they come with, you should have no problem using them with your own display system.

Is there any chance that there will be a Battle Pack with the Republic Commandos or Dash Rendar and some Dark Troopers?

There's always a chance; probably a better one for a few Republic Commandos, maybe a Dark Trooper, but I'd think the chances get pretty slim when it comes to Dash Rendar - at least for the sculpt from the Shadows of the Empire line. Hasbro even agrees, the line has evolved beyond what it was back in '95, '96, and '97; many of the figures from that period simply don't fit in with the newer sculpts. Dash Rendar is one of those figures that just wouldn't translate well in today's line. I wouldn't mind a new Dash Rendar sculpt if Hasbro was so inclined, but I find it hard to believe they would consider this character for a second spin. Bottom line: anything could happen, but I wouldn't get my hopes to high for Dash.

I was wondering if Hasbro is planning to release a package of aliens from Jabba's palace in the 3?" line? This could be sold in a multi-pack like the astromech droids and the bounty hunters. I think it would be an attractive item for those who want to create a Jabba's palace scene but have missed out on many of the past figures. -Mike (St. James, NY)

Sounds like the Battle Pack assortment is the closest we could come to getting a set of Jabba's Palace aliens, though from early rumors it doesn't look like a set specifically from the 'Palace' is on tap. The latest 411 mentioned another Battle at The Pit Of Carkoon (could in fact be the same one shown at Toy Fair last Feb.), but nothing that would indicate any scene from within Jabba's humble abode. It certainly would be a great way to get some of the older figures out there, especially Ephant Mon, but we'll have to wait and see if Hasbro agrees.

I know that it won't happen this year, but is there any chance that Hasbro might make a battle damaged R2-D2 as seen in Episode IV or Episode VI?

The only "battle damaged" R2 I've ever heard mentioned was a sort of Jawa Ambush version, and I think that eventually came out in the form of 2002's Sneak Peek R3-T7. As Hasbro continues to look at interesting things to do with R2-D2, there's a good chance we could eventually get a Vader blasted version from A New Hope, but it think waiting for an Endor Bunker blasted R2 could be a waste of time - there's just too much going on to make a decent figure out of.

Editorial posed as a question? You decide:

Why is it in the age of slam dunk, super-posable figures (like the awesome VOTC Greedo, Luke, Stormtrooper, Solo, Chewie, Fett, etc...) that we're still dealing with swivel articulation on so many? I was very disappointed to find out the VOTC Tusken Raider had awkward swivel arms (I might not have picked it up if I'd known - and quite honestly if they'd given him ball-jointed treatment I would have bought 5 - it's one of my favorites) - equally annoyed that they did it to Vader (poseable ankles but chunky/flimsy elbows?) and not only does VOTC Obi Wan have swivel elbows but his legs only have hip articulation - plus his head looks like it was stuck in a pickle jar in his youth... Surely that was the opportunity to make an OB1 that could sit in a cantina scene? Or at least a nice one?

I could understand if the argument was price point for new mold parts, sure - I'm glad to see cantina characters get updates (or made) and sure, I'm happy to see them on the pegs even with swivelbows, but I thought that articulation (and packaging) was the entire point of the more expensive VOTC run - why not give them all the same ball-joint treatment? Come to think of it, the soft goods PT Ep3 Obi Wan has super articulation... It seems as though Hasbro is trying to force my customizing hand, as kitbashing is the only way we'll see some characters with full articulation... But you know, I'd rather not have to buy three different figures for stock parts, cut them up and reassemble them and then paint over color changes just to get the figure I'd like to buy in the store. Can't we have a premium figure done well for more money and call it a draw?

What's the deal there? Am I off base - are there collectors (which is clearly the VOTC aim) who actually like swivels?

Thanks, and if you can find a sensible question in that ranting mess please feel free to edit for content, -Robert

I think the question in there is why would Hasbro utilize a 'lesser' joint on a line that is supposed to offer the highest level of articulation. And as you guessed, it all comes down to cost. It may not seem like a lot, but soft goods can be a pricey addition to any figure. In order for the complete package to come in at the desired price point, sacrifices sometimes must be made. If Hasbro feels they can achieve their desired goal with a particular figure buy using a swivel joint here and there, they're gonna do it. Unfortunately figures with soft goods are just more susceptible to this type of sacrifice.

I was just wondering how many Slave One chase (silver) ships were made and If the Death Star Titanium was just a re hash of a Galoob mold, how come it says 2005 LFL on the bottom?

Hasbro has never really shared their production numbers, so it's really anyone's guess how many chase Slave 1s have actually been produced. With the way they keep showing up I wouldn't characterize this version as being ultra rare, maybe somewhere around 50% of the standard run... As for the Titanium Death Star, no idea why the date has changed, but it might have something to do with the original license having expired maybe? I'll see what I can find out at Comic Con, but that's about the only thing I can think of.

Mark, Hi ok help me and a friend end a healthy debate we have had for a long time now. My question is this: What is the right scale blaster for the Stormtroopers; the Power of the Force 2 larger size, or the newer current issue smaller blaster? You see I have watched the original trilogy tons of times just to try and gauge the accuracy of the scale for the balsters and I think the larger one actually looks better, but my friend says no, the smaller is more accurate. The one thing we can agree on is the Clone Troopers DC-17 blaster is scaled perfectly, and that this is the predecessor to the OTC stormtrooper blaster(Blastech E-3? ), but it is slightly larger than the current stormy blaster, but slightly smaller than the old one. Ah!!! the dilemma! I currently use the old larger scale blaster on all of my VOTC Stormtroopers, mainly because when they die, I want them to die with a man's gun, not some little sissy's gun (been watching 3 Amigos too long), but I want my Imperials to have uniformity, with their weapons, and the current scale seems to be Hasbro's choose for the indefinite future. So which size is the more movie accurate? Whichever one you think is the best is the one I am going to stick with. Oh the pressure? :)

2. I have seen the preliminary list of products coming out for 2007 and I am extremely happy and excited about most of it, especially the Vintage Saga, and expanded universe figures. I have noticed that Mace Windu is in 2 of the first waves, any chance he will be super articulated? And do you think we will get a Super Articulated Jango Fett, lord knows we need one. I don't understand why Hasbro just does not release 12 Vintage style super articulated Prequel Trilogy figures. I mean they could do 4 from each movie, like the first 12 VOTC figures and they would sell really well. Like Ep. 1 Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Darth Maul, and Mace Windu. Ep.2 Jango Fett, Padm?, Yoda, Count Dooku. Ep.3 Darth Sidious, Anakin, General Grievous, and General Kenobi. I think they would be an awesome hit. Do you think Hasbro would ever consider doing these? Or at least giving us the super articulated prequel figures we need? -Joseph!

I'm pretty sure the correct size is somewhere between the old style and the new. Small accessories such as the blasters have to pass what's called a tube test; essentially checking to make sure the piece won't get lodged in a child's throat. I would guess, in order to pass that test, Hasbro had to scale the new style blaster down a bit more that what would be considered movie accurate. I'd also guess the Clone Trooper blaster (minus the scope and such) had an easier time with the test, thus was allowed to be the size it is. Considering Hasbro is sticking with the small design, it doesn't look like we'll ever see correctly scaled Stormtrooper blaster from them, however if you like what Gentle Giant has done with their Bust-Ups line, you could always borrow/customize a few of their blasters for your troops - they may even have a loose blaster somewhere in the mix?

The latest word from Hasbro on vintage style Prequel figures is nothing in the near future. They kinda got the ball rolling with the Evolutions sets, but have since backed away from that idea completely. As far as vintage is concerned, Hasbro feels they have plenty of characters from the original line they'd like to cover first, and to be honest I can see where they're coming from. Half the fun of the vintage line has been the packaging. That throw back to the 80's card design really puts these over the top. Now sure, Hasbro could emulate that with the Prequel figures, it would be cool to see, but technically there's nothing vintage about them anymore - they're just new figures. Not that any of us really want to see a return of the old Maul head, Star Wars '02, or Sith cardbacks, but seeing the figures on reproductions of the cards they were originally released on is what the vintage line is about, for me anyway? If Hasbro feels the same way, that could be one reason why they're so reluctant to include Prequel characters.

What ever happened to the uhh... ANH Yavin celebration wave that was to be released this year? It was supposed to have a rebel sentry with a sentry post/watchtower thing or something along with ceremonial Han & Luke & a few others. I was kinda anxious to see the rebel sentry guy. Any clues? -Fraggle

Yeah, I was anxious to see this wave as well, but it looks like it's been postponed at the very least. Hopefully it will turn up as part of next year's collection (in whole or in part), but at this point it has yet to hit the radar for '07.

Are there any retailers (online or otherwise) you know of that sells replacement foam for vintage toys? I've replaced several simple pieces on my own (Dagobah swamp, etc...), but I don't have the capabilities to reproduce the foam for Chewbacca's Bandolier. -Scott

Unfortunately I'm not aware of any site currently selling replacement foam for any of the vintage toys, much less the Chewbacca Bandolier figure holder. If I were you I'd try asking around in the Vintage Toy section of our forum and see if any of the vintage specialists there can point you in the right direction.

Until next time...

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