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Hey, it's been a while since I have seen Question Mark. I really hope that you guys are still doing it! I just wanted to ask where I could score the last Star Tours wave without having to go to EBAY. I mean, Live 2 hours outside of Disneyland and I could go but my questions are one, can I buy them from Disney without having to go to Disneyland, or two, where else could I score these three figures?

Yes, it's been far too long, and I've really missed working on the column. The good news is a lot of what's been demanding most of my time has started to ease up and it looks like I can start getting back to regular updates. Thanks to everyone for hanging in there and asking about the column, it was very much appreciated.

As for the Star Tours figures; before driving two hours to the Park, or scouring eBay, try calling Disney's phone/mail order line at 1-800-362-4533. Disney 'Deliv-ears' should be able to a) tell you if they have them in the park, or b) take your order and have them shipped directly to your door. If you don't have any luck with the California Park try calling Disney World in Orlando at 1-407-363-3200. Last time I was at Disneyland they had all three figures, but it did look as if they were getting low on stock. Good luck!

UPDATE: We've gotten a couple emails from readers that have been to or had family at the park more recent than my last visit. According to both reports it looks as if the Star Tours figures are no longer available. I'd still try both Disney numbers just to make sure, but it looks like eBay or a dealer at Celebration IV and/or Comic Con would be your best bet.

Question about ROTS variants. The initial ROTS release had figures on cards with a purple tint that was later changed to blue. How many figures were produced with the purple tint (i.e. 1-?) out of the ROTS line?

To be honest, I don't recall anyone tracking this as a valid variation and really couldn't tell you with any certainty which figures came on both or either colored cards. Right up to the end of the line, I still recall seeing slight color variations on all the ROTS cardbacks - some more blue than others, some purple-ish. If you looked hard enough I'm sure you could find every figure released in the line on either color card. The color print variation just seemed to be persistent issue with the line (which it always is actually) that just stood out even more so than it usually does.

I was wondering why Hasbro is so reluctant to answer any questions regarding the Imperial Shuttle that is supposed to be a Target Exclusive? -Dave R.

I'm guessing Hasbro is avoiding the topic because either Target wants to control the flow of information, or Hasbro feels the number of pieces being released is way-short of demand and wants to keep from hyping the toy. Hasbro knows their market pretty well; if they feel Target has under-ordered the Shuttle, they are very likely just keeping quiet about the whole thing until all is said and done. Until we finally hear 'something' from Hasbro on this we're just going to have to rely on the information churned up by fans and the collector press.

I have recently purchased a Vintage Paploo figure from eBay, loose, but otherwise in excellent condition. While examining my new purchase I noticed that it does not seem to have a date stamp, LFL or made in Hong Kong/Taiwan anywhere on its body. Is this just a moulding aberration or have a bought an expensive, if very convincing, fake? -Andy F.

As noted in our Vintage Archive, Paploo is one of only two vintage figures that never received a date stamp. Why is anyone's guess at this point, but there's certainly nothing out of the ordinary in regards to the figure you recently acquired.

This is a question that might require a little math, and I've Googled for the answer without any success figuring someone has already done the work. Assuming that the 3 3/4" action figures are roughly 1/20 scale, are there any Kenner or Hasbro vehicles that are also 1/20 scale, or are they all out of whack?

I know of at least two Star Wars vehicles that are (to the best of my knowledge) in scale with the 3?" figures. In both cases (it's my understanding) the actual props were scanned and the info was used to help make the toys as movie accurate as they could possibly be. These vehicles are Dooku's Geonosian Speederbiker and Anakin's (well Owen Lar's) Swoop bike. As for the rest of the vehicles in the line, they are all over the place. Some are obviously smaller to better fit an acceptable price range; others have been enlarged to accommodate certain features and/or the electronics technology of their day - the Rebel Snowspeeder for instance.

Last weekend I spotted the 3" Titanium TIE Interceptor, and noticed what appears to be a major mistake in the paint ops. There were four red circles painted on TOP of the cockpit, when there should be two painted underneath the cockpit window, simulating the laser cannons (although I'm not sure Interceptors have lasers under the cockpit window, since they have them at the edges of the wings). I assume the circles represent laser cannons, but they certainly shouldn't be on top of the cockpit! Do you know if this error will be corrected, or did I just see an odd mistake? It was the only one I've seen so far, and I didn't buy it, due to this mistake. -Greg R.

That was a pretty surprising goof, not something I expected out of Hasbro, but I guess a few details like that could have gotten lost in translation to the Orient? So far I haven't noticed a correction, but I certainly hope they pick up on it for the eventual 'battle worn' re-release.

Do you know if Master Replicas is planning on a Dooku or Sidious Force F/X lightsaber? Thanks Darth Crider

I did ask about these at Comic Con (has it been that long already?); the bent hilt of Dooku's saber presents major design issues for the F/X line, at that time it was not a likely candidate. As for a Darth Sidious saber, one of the concerns was the size of the hilt (smaller than the average saber) and being able to accommodate the necessary electronics. It definitely sounded like it was something MR would continue to look at, but there were no firm plans yet.

I know this question comes up every few years but here it is again. Has there been any talk that you are aware of of Steven Sansweet compiling a follow-up to the 1999 Chronicle Books Star Wars: The Action Figure Archive? This is an amazing book and a great read. I cannot count the number of times I've pulled this book out to check some random information on a figure or simply to pass the time (a great bathroom read, sorry). Is there anyone else out there that wants a sequel to this book I know there was a really short-lived follow-up segment in Star Wars Insider that continued the format of the book (two issues?) but I want to start where the last one left off and at least move closer to where we are today. Your thoughts? If anyone else is interested, I ask that you hop on the forums wherever you can and make your interest known. -Dan

I think this comes up every time I see Steve and so far it doesn't sound like the circumstances have been what they need to be to get a second edition (or a book like it) off the ground. I know the fans would love to see it, I believe Steve would love to be involved with it, there's just a whole lot of other stuff that needs to fall in place to make it happen. I'll certainly ask Steve about it next time I see him, for now just plug away on the idea in our forum and keep it in everyone's mind.

Well, I read Question Mark all of the time and have noticed that sometimes you get emails about flaws in the movies. I just found one and felt the need to share it. At the end of Ep. III, when Obi and Anakin are fighting, Obi Wan's lightsaber changes. (At) 1:50:58 you will notice that Obi Wan has his own lightsaber in hand and Anakin is trying to force it through his neck. For the few frames and during the close up at the previously referenced time you will notice that Obi Wan is holding Anakin's lightsaber. When the camera pans away again Obi Wan is holding his own lightsaber again. You will also notice that the blade is emitted from further into the hilt. I imagine this is in the hopes of obscuring the incorrect hilt Obi Wan is holding for those few frames. -Jason

Well, that's not so much a flaw as it is an indication of a cut scene. Obviously at some point in filming Lucas had Obi-Wan and Anakin exchange lightsabers. It's a classic device you'll see in a lot of old movies; adversaries dueling it out with their opponent's weapon. Unfortunately (I guess) the scene didn't really work or fit and was jettisoned. What bits and pieces that made it into the final cut probably just helped pair scenes on either side of the cut. You're probably right about the F/X crew obscuring the shot with the lightsaber blade, which was likely an easier fix than re-shooting that tiny part of the finished scene.

I saw on some of the photos from ComicCon that there was a Snowtrooper with removable helmet. Is this the same Snowtrooper already released in the Hoth wave of Saga figures???? If so I have to own a figure that yesterday I couldn't care less about. I hope you help clear this up. -Tim in Iowa

The figure you're thinking about is the Empire Strikes Back Commemorative Tin Snowtrooper. It's actually a retooled version of the 03-19 Snowtrooper that came with the E-WEB cannon, now with a removable helmet. So far Toys 'R' Us has had these, but Target and Wal*Mart are starting to get their allotment as well. Happy hunting!

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