Star Wars: Droids, Volume 2 #1
April 1995
"Rebellion" part 1, 24ppg, $2.50

Script: Ryder Windham
Artist: Ian Gibson
Letterer: Ellie DeVille
Colorist: Perry McNamee
Cover Artist: Kilian Plunkett
Book Design: Scott Tice
Editor: Peet Janes

Olag Greck

Xob, Movo Brattakin's assistant, Movo's security guard

Jace Forno, Movo Brattakin (dies. Never actually seen. Killed by Olag's ship crushing him)

large green slug-like creature

B-9D7, C-3PO (See Threepio), R2-D2 (Artoo Detoo), Unit Zed (destroyed)

Nar Shaddaa

Movo Brattakin's security guards

Unit Zed's starship, Olag Greck's cruiser

This story is a continuation of issue #6 of the first Dark Horse Droids series.

Threepio makes mention of planet Etti IV, which is in the Corporate Sector, their supposed destination at the end of Droids #6. This planet was featured in the Han Solo Adventures by Brian Daley.

This issue features the letter page Droid Barge with letters from Dawn Jayne, Robert Goodman, Tim Bruessler, Robert Hinds, David Peattie, and Alex Newborn.
After their adventures on Hosk Station, C-3PO, R2-D2 and Unit Zed continue their pursuit of Olag Greck all the way to Nar Shaddaa. Zed asks Artoo to tap into Olag's communications and they overhear him contacting Movo Brattakin.

It seems that Movo had asked Olag to leave Nar Shaddaa previously, and is in no mood to have him return. He does agree that they should meet at his new headquarters, to which the droids follow him.

Olag quickly notices the following ship and orders his Gamorrean henchman, Xob, to lose them. Zed improvises on the pursuit and fires across their bpw. Olag returns fire causing a cargo crane to collapse in their path. Zed blasts their cannon and fries their circuits causing Olag's ship to crash into Movo's docking bay.

Zed orders Artoo to land so that he can apprehend Greck. Greck manages to escape after Zed is injured by a laser blast. Zed asks Threepio and Artoo to follow Greck and apprehend him. On their way out of the damaged docking bay, they run into B-9D7, Movo Brattakin's personal assistant droid. He indicates the way that Greck left, before calling security about two unauthorized droids.

The droids find Olag in the crowded city and attempt to apprehend him. Threepio realizes he has forgotten the stun blaster that Zed gave him when they helped B-9D7, but it seems that Artoo has picked it up. Greck draws his gun to fire on the droids, but manages to startle a large slug-like creature, that flops down on top of Greck, pinning him.

Zed shows up, having improvised his way around his damaged arm and gyro, to take Greck into custody. The local security forces arrive, and when Zed identifies himself, one of the guards blasts him apart. Threepio questions the guards motives, telling her that Zed was a hero where they came from.

Enter Jace Forno. Now head of security for Brattakin, and not happy. She tells Greck that he crushed Movo with his ship crashing into the docking bay. Threepio continues to prattle on, but Forno pulls out a blaster and shoots the droid. One of his legs flies over Artoo's dome.

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