Star Wars: Droids, Volume 2 #4
July 1995
"Rebellion" part 4, 24ppg, $2.50

Script: Ryder Windham
Artist: Ian Gibson
Letterer: Ellie DeVille
Colorist: Perry McNamee
Cover Artist: Kilian Plunkett
Book Design: Scott Tice
Editor: Peet Janes

Boonda the Hutt

Olag Greck

Xob, Ithorian merchant

Boonda's maintenance droid 1, Boonda's maintenance droid 2, protocol droid (Boonda's translator, destroyed), IT-O (Boonda's sentry droids), one-eyed droid, C-3PO (See Threepio), R2-D2 (Artoo Detoo), big red 5th degree droid, B-9D7

Boonda's Moon

drone barge, Ithorian herd ship

The Stenness Pie mentioned in this issue was something that Threepio served to Olag Greck in the previous Droids #2 issue, entitled "The Indobok Pirates".

This issue features the letter page Droid Barge with letters from Gina Goad, Joseph Devlin, Chris Scull, Joshua Muntain, Aaron Van Dorn, James Clarke, David Sentz, and Dan Zakaluzny.
At the landing site of the drone barge on Boonda's moon, C-3PO has gathered the droids around him to ready their assault on Boonda The Hutt's headquarters. B-9D7 wonders, with Artoo, what might be up with Threepio, but feels its better to let this odd turn of events play out. Threepio order B-9 to stay with the barge in case it is needed. Then Threepio marches off, leading the droids to Boonda's droid factory where he has been implementing program traps in the droids he manufactures.

Inside the factory, Olag Greck and his bodyguard Xob approach Boonda the Hutt and ask if he wouldn't mind having his sentry droids put their weapons away. Greck brings out some Stenness Pie for him, which the translator droid insists that he try first. Olag does and then hands the dish over to Boonda which he slurps up. Greck then proceeds to inform the Hutt of his business proposition.

The droids continue their march towards the factory, and when confronted by a locked security door, the big red droid, that previously beat up Threepio, pushes the very obvious button. The ramp they are on slides and dumps all the droids into holding area where two floating maintenance droids greet them. the maintenance droids inform Threepio that they are ready to perform the scheduled on them. Threepio, unswayed, believes them to have confused his group with another drone barge full of droids.

Back in his office, Boonda is laughing at Greck, who has just proposed his idea. It turns out that Boonda severed his criminal ties several years prior. Disgusted, Greck heads out, but is flattened when Threepio's gang of droids busts down the door. Threepio introduces himself and informs all listening that he is here to stop Boonda.

The maintenance droids wonder if Threepio means the recycling fields, when the translator droids head explodes. The monitor comes on with the image of B-9D7 who explains that Threepio's new leg contains a new submodule which is what has been affecting his behavior, as well as a bomb which he plans to use to destroy Boonda.

It seems that when Greck killed Brattakin, the droid B-9D7 knew what to do and implanted Movo's brain in its body. Now he is planning to implement explosive program traps in hundreds of protocol droids and ship them out, thereby holding the sector hostage. Before he can gloat any further, Artoo takes control of the drone barge and crashes it into Boonda's droid factory.

B-9D7 manages to make his way out of the wreckage and threatens to blow everyone up, when Jace Forno arrives and blasts the droid body apart. The remainder of the droids take off in the barge, while Jace and Olag argue over who will be working with Boonda. Olag notices the barge leaving and screams at Boonda to push the self destruct button for Threepio's leg. One of the maintenance droids brings over the droids leg and mentions that it might not be such a great idea.

On the way back to Nar Shaddaa, Artoo repairs Threepio by putting a replacement leg back on, which returns Threepio to his normal self. They dock and notice the Ithorian merchant still looking around the port for helpers. they take him up on his offer to work on the herd ship and are able to depart on yet another adventure.

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