Star Wars: Droids, Volume 2 #2
May 1995
"Rebellion" part 2, 24ppg, $2.50

Script: Ryder Windham
Artist: Ian Gibson
Letterer: Ellie DeVille
Colorist: Perry McNamee
Cover Artist: Kilian Plunkett
Book Design: Scott Tice
Editor: Peet Janes

four-armed 5th degree droid, one-eyed droid, power droid, C-3PO (See Threepio), R2-D2 (Artoo Detoo), B-9D7ZZ-4Z (ZeeZee)

Nar Shaddaa

Movo Brattakin's security guards

drone barge


The replacement leg Threepio gets in this issue is silver, a slight tease at why he may have a silver leg in the Original Trilogy. Unfortunately, the silver leg in the films is his right, not his left as shown here. Guess there must be another reason.

One can assume that the red butler-droid making an appearance in this issue is ZZ-4Z. And since it takes place on Nar Shaddaa, one can also assume that the masters voice is probably Han Solo. This cameo was confirmed in the Droid Barge letters column from issue #4.

This issue features the letter page Droid Barge with letters from Mark O'Brien, Marion Mand, David Eastham, and Mark Talmadge.
Two young Nar Shaddaan boys are messing around with a local GNK droid and lead it over the edge of a platform, causing it crash to the pavement below, juts outside a prison window.

Inside that prison Olag Greck tries to convince head of security, Jace Forno, that he is innocent of killing Movo Brattakin on purpose. She does not believe him, given his past lawlessness.

In the next cell over are C-3PO and R2-D2, also incarcerated, due to their pursuit of Olag Greck. Threepio is missing a leg, which was blasted off by Jace Forno during their capture. Suddenly the cell beams are deactivated and B-9D7, Movo's personal assistant droid enters. He apologizes for calling security on them and provides a silver replacement leg for the droid before helping them escape. He tells the two droids to make their way to landing bay 52 where they have passage booked on a drone barge back to Kalarba.

Suddenly an explosion goes off near them. It appears that Xob smuggled a concussion grenade into the cell and used it to help Greck escape. Jace Forno is on the scene quickly when B-9D7 informs her that the droids have escaped too.

On their way to landing bay 52, C-3PO is approached by an Ithorian merchant who offers them a job on an Ithorian herd ship. Threepio thanks him and they continue on their way. Olag and Xob, now disguised in cloaks from a Brubb they accosted, try to raise some money, by offering the same Ithorian an investment opportunity on a nearby cantina.

The two droids pause for a moment so that Artoo can adjust Threepio's new leg when a door opens and they are surprised by a red droid holding what appears to be a gun at them. They continue on their way, and the droid returns to its job, vacuuming the floor.

They make it to the landing bay and Threepio is directed into one entrance while Artoo is directed to another. Threepio is pleased to see so many droids on the ship and claims a spot by the window for himself and Artoo. Meanwhile Artoo overhears a security guard mention that the droids are due for a memory wip en route, and he bolts out of landing bay as the barge departs.

The two boys are back again tormenting the GNK droid, and talking about how a guy just sold them a skiff for 33 credits. Artoo races past them and commandeers the skiff, taking off after the drone barge. Meanwhile Threepio is agitated to learn that he will be undergoing a memory wipe in a few minutes.

Back at the headquarters of Movo Brattakin, the security guard from the barge enters a control room and explains what has happened to an unseen individual. She removes her helmet to reveal Jace Forno, and she is mentioning the separation of the droids and Olag Greck still being at large. The mysterious being she is talking too is B-9D7, and he lets her know that all is going according to plan.

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