Edited by D. Martin Myatt
For the tenth time, Star Wars fans gathered together to enjoy A Galaxy Far, Far Away... Star Wars Celebration Anaheim brought the event back to North America, and it was good! With Rebels rumbling forward to its second season and The Force Awakens only months away, there was a lot to Celebrate, and even with the entire Rebelscum team covering the event we couldn't see everything! Below is a rundown of most of the coolest attractions, panels, and displays.

There Was No Calm Before The Storm...

The day before Celebration's doors were open to the public, the Anaheim Convention Centre was a flurry of activity. To give you an idea of what you see before the big event begins, we put together a small gallery showing part of the process, and as you'd expect, it included some early hints at what would be revealed at the event!

The Force Awakens Second Teaser Presentation Gallery

This morning many Star Wars fans gathered together to witness the single greatest 119 seconds we've seen in a long time. A long time... While delayed due to a Macbook with a bad motivator, we're proud to finally be able to share with you a gallery showcasing The Force Awakens presentation on the Celebration Stage. Follow this link to have a closer look at the one event that may be impossible to beat!

You'll Never Find A More Retched Hive Of Skilled And Talented Artists

Attendees that didn't make the time to check out this section of the exhibit floor missed out on a lot of great artwork. Follow this link to check out this gallery showing the Artists of Celebration Anaheim.

This Is Where The That Long Line On The Main Level Lead...

In between all the other photo assignments we had scheduled at Celebration Anaheim, we plugged away at snapping pictures of everything in the Celebration Store. While we didn't have time to shoot everything that was sold (there was so much!) we did get much of it shot for this gallery featuring many of the attendees at the event.

Collecting Track Day One

With the stamina of a marathon man (sitting in on panels), Adam Lamping courageously hit every single panel the Collecting Track had to present. Follow this link to find out more on first day's panels.

Collecting Track Day Two

Read all about the second day of Collecting Track panels.

Star Wars Toy Innovators Presented By Lucasfilm

The first panel on the Collectors' stage on Saturday was not officially part of the Collecting Track, but did provide fans with a sneak preview of some forthcoming products from JAKKS Pacific, Uncle Milton and Spin Master. Read on to find out more.

Collecting Track Day Three

Saturday's collecting track including some amazing information as well as some great tales from the world of Star Wars collecting. Click through for all of the details.

Collecting Track Day Four

The collecting track on the final day of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim included four panels as well as the Star Wars Collecting Awards. Get all of the details by clicking this link.

Star Wars Collecting Award Presentations

The Star Wars Collecting Award Presentations was the very last panel of the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim's Collecting Track, and was presented by Duncan Jenkins. Click through for the details.

Collecting Track Sponsors' Star Tots

Sponsors of the Star Tots that were given out to attendees of the Collecting Track panels at Celebration Anaheim 2015, didn't just have the honor of seeing their name emblazoned across the cardback of their respective Star Tot character, they also got to take home a much-larger version made out of aluminum that is bigger than a small child! Click on the image gallery to see for yourself just how big these things are!

The Vader Case Project

In support of Make-A-Wish, select artists and collectors worked tirelessly to create original (and in almost every case amazing) one of a kind pieces of art for the Vader Case Project, which is an extension of the original 2007 Vader Project. Displayed and auctioned off at Celebration Anaheim, the cases shown in this gallery made over $25,000 for the charity. Follow the link above to check out most of the cases auctioned off.

Putting The Big Light Up Heads On Your Wall...

It's always nice to see a new licensee offering something we've never seen before. A perfect example of this was found at the 3D Lighting Innovation. Follow this link to check out the gallery showcasing their Star Wars 3D Deco Lights.

This Small Booth Just Kept On Ticking

While not displayed with much fanfare, the watches Accutime Watch Corp brought to Celebration Anaheim were pretty cool. Click the thumbnails above to have a closer look.

This Booth Quickly Became The Talk Of The Town

The only officially licensed product for The Force Awakens to be revealed at Celebration Anaheim was ANOVOS' First Order Stormtrooper costume. Follow this link for a closer look at this super cool armor as well as all the other Star Wars costumes and accessories they had on display in their booth!

A Second Look At The ANOVOS Booth

Not everything had arrived when we shot the ANOVOS booth at Celebration Anaheim, so we went back to get additional images of the fully decked out Snowspeeder pilot costume. Follow this link to check it out.

This Is Where That Other Line On The Main Floor Lead...

It isn't a Celebration without a massive autograph pavilion, and keeping with tradition, Official Pix delivered at Celebration Anaheim. Follow this link to check out our gallery featuring (almost) all the cast and crew that were on hand at the year's biggest nontheatrical event!

What's Cute And Exclusive?

Another licensee first appearance! Build-A-Bear set up shop in a booth at Celebration Anaheim offering attendees a small selection of Star Wars related accessories including an exclusive bear shirt. Click the thumbnails above for a closer look at what they had set up.

The Build The Millennium Falcon Booth

Celebration Anaheim gave us our first in person look at the model replica offered with the DeAgostini Build The Millennium Falcon subscription. Click the thumbnails above for a closer look at this cool way to acquire an accurate reproduction of The Empire Strikes Back 1:1 scale Millennium Falcon model.

Many Future Must-Haves All In One Booth

EFX Collectible featured some great new pieces including the awesome Escape Pod, AT-ST, Y-Wing Fighter, TIE Bomber, and Imperial Probe Droid. Follow this link to have a closer look and let us know which pieces you like the most!

Books About Tattooed Star Wars Fans Sold In A Booth Full Of Tattooed Star Wars Fans

Ink infusion was back for their fourth tattoo pavilion at Celebration Anaheim, and like the last three events, they brought with them a selection of the top tattooing talents and many, many attendees walked away with amazing Star Wars inspired tattoos. click the thumbnails above to have a closer look at the pavilion and The Force In The Flesh booth at its entrance. If you haven't already grabbed a copy of Shane Turgeon's new book The Force In The Flesh Volume II, you are missing out. Follow this link to get yours now!

The Seattle Toy Company That Simply Knows No Limits

No matter how much you plan, sometimes some things are completely out of you hands, and that was the case for Funko as a large quantity of their Celebration Anaheim exclusive classic Kenner deco Super Shogun Bobo Fett were lost in transit making it one of the first exclusives at the event to sell out. While we didn't get there in time to shoot it, we did get the rest of their display photographed. Follow this ink to check out the Funko booth gallery.

So Much Awesome We Couldn't See It All At Once

Celebration Anaheim 2015 is officially here and we've got a lot of cool stuff to show you including this gallery showing all the current and upcoming products on display in their booth. Click the link above to have a closer look.

Thirteen Years Of Star Wars History

The Gentle Giant booth was split between what is coming up and what got us to this point. Our second gallery spotlights their thirteen years of Star Wars history display.

The San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Droids Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) Jumbo Kenner Figure

After a collectors panel presentation at Celebration Anaheim, Gentle Giant Ltd put their upcoming 2015 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Jumbo Kenner Droids Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) action figure on display for the first time. Collectors attending the panel know the Rebelscum connection for this and the See-Threepio (C-3PO) figure sold (out) at Celebration, so for some, our excitement about this little guy makes sense. Click the thumbnails above to have a closer look.

We Couldn't Wait For Them To Finish Setting Up Their Display Before We Threw A Lens At It

Hasbro was still working at putting their booth together, but they kindly allowed us to shoot this small gallery showing off many of the new action figures they have on display. Eagle eyed readers will not The Black Series red package design. This was the new look for the Fall Collection. Though not yet displayed, Hasbro had a small space set for something new. Also note, when we first saw this Chewbacca lined up there were four other figures there as well, and this one is number 5, so that should give you a clue as to whether the smallest figure shown would be sold by itself... Stay tuned!

6-Inch Ahsoka Tano Action Figure Revealed!

Hasbro's surprise Celebration Anaheim 2015 reveal is The Black Series realistic Ahsoka Tano action figure. This 6-inch super articulated figure includes a soft goods skirt and two lightsabers with removable blades. Expect to see this figure hit shelves in 2016. Follow this link to see our full turnaround gallery!

Rebels Ahsoka Tano & Darth Vader Figures

In our previous galleries, you saw the upcoming releases in The Black Series and the Celebration Anaheim reveal of the 6-inch Ahsoka Tano, but these weren't the only new figures on display in the Hasbro booth. Follow this link to have a closer look at the Star Wars: Rebels Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader action figures!

Opening Hasbro Action Figures Is Still Fun

Walking into our scheduled Celebration Anaheim Hasbro team interview knowing that there was so much they couldn't talk about we opted to just play with some of the new action figures on display. For the sake of photography, Jeff Labovitz and Joe Ninivaggi let us tear into The Black Series #16 C-3PO and #19 Han Solo action figures. in addition we did turn arounds of the Mosep Binneed and Jawas. Follow the link above for the full gallery!

It's Never Too Early To Start Thinking About Ornaments

There were a few new items on display at the Hallmark booth including all the new 2015 sneak peeks. Follow this link to have a closer look!

Sorry Guys, This Stuff Just Isn't Made For You...

Each year Her Universe reimagines Star Wars with female fans in mind. Follow this link to have a closer look at all the cool stuff they had on display.

Star Wars 1/6 Scale Collectibles Have Just Reached A New Plateau

While the Hong Kong based toymakers didn't have their own booth at Celebration Anaheim, their presence was certainly felt at the Sideshow Collectibles booth. Follow this link to have a closer look at the very first public showing of Hot Toys' upcoming Star Wars figures to be presented in North America.

Finally, A Boba Fett That Has Never Been Produced Before!

JAKKS Pacific revealed their upcoming San Diego Comic-Con exclusive in their booth at Celebration Anaheim. As surprising as it may seem, this iconic version of Boba Fett's costume was never translated into a collectible figure until now! Follow this link to check out this cool figure and all the other new / newish stuff on display in they booth!

A Rolling ARTFX+ Kit Gathers No Moss...

Along with their show exclusive, R3-A2 & K-3PO, Kotobukiya also gave a sneak preview of their forthcoming Snowtrooper ARTFX+ two pack as well as showing a protoytype of the AT-AT Driver and you can check these out in our image gallery.

Continuing To Add To Their Catalog One Brick At A Time!

While most of the stuff on display in the LEGO booth was seen in our Toy Fair coverage last February, their were two new pieces revealed at Celebration Anaheim. Follow this ink to check out everything they had on display including the newly announced 75109 Obi-Wan Kenobi and 75112 General Grievous Constraction figures.

So Many Cool Hot Wheels!

Officially, Celebration Anaheim was Mattel's first public showing at a Star Wars convention and many attendees were excited to check out all they had on display making for one crowded booth each and every day. Follow this link to see what they had and let us know what you think!

Stuff Once In Front Of A Lucasfilm Camera Is Now In Front Of Ours

Whether interested in buying them or just curious to see them up close, most Celebration Anaheim attendees that walked by the Prop Store booth had to stop for at least a moment to check out all the props, costumes, and related preproduction and screen used items on display. Follow this link to check it all out for yourself!

Once Again Rancho Amazes Attendees With So Much Cool Stuff!

For the third time, our friends at Rancho Obi-Wan have put together a display that is awe-inspiring. If you weren't able to join the fun at Celebration Anaheim 2015, this is the one booth you'd have missed out the most on if not for this gallery! Follow this link to check out the entire display in the Rancho Obi-Wan booth.

New Deck Designs Displayed At Celebration!

Beyond their Celebration Anaheim exclusive Cantina Scene and Rancor Scene decks, Santa Cruz had many more of their current products on display in their booth. Follow this link to have a closer look at all they had to show.

Continuing Where They Left Off, SSC Is Still Strong With The Force!

It's been a long time since Sideshow Collectibles has had a presence at a Star Wars event, with their last appearance being as far back as 2007, but they made their way to Celebration Anaheim and are we ever happy they did! Even though we still love the products they released all those years back, their current offerings are in a totally different league. Follow this link to check out everything they had on display including the first public displaying of their R5-D4, Jawas, and work in progress McQuarrie Darth Vader Sixth Scale figures.

Because Dre Doesn't Have Wookiee Bandoliers On His Gear...

This gallery features detailed shots of everything on display in the SMS Audio Celebration Anaheim booth. Follow this link to check it out.

We'll Want One Of Everything, And We Bet You Do Too...

You had to be careful not to slip on all the drool on the floor around Tamashii Nations' booth at Celebration Anaheim. They had Beast Kingdom's Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, R2-D2, and C-3PO Egg Attack figures on display on one plinth. While we saw the first two previously at Toy Fair back in February, this event marked the first time the Droids were publicly displayed in North America. Across the booth ,they also had on display the insanely cool Movie Realization Ashigaru Darth Vader, Foot Soldier Stormtrooper, and North American debut Foot Soldier Sand Trooper. Follow this link to check these figures and the very cool Darth Vader Katana set in our Tamashii Nations gallery and let us know what you think about these imaginative designs.

Great Star Wars Threads For Boys And Girls

It's always pleasure to check out the We Love Fine booth when we are covering Star Wars events, and Celebration Anaheim was no exception. Follow this ink to check out everything they had on display.

Fun Stuff That Is Actually Educational? Say It Ain't So!

Uncle Milton's Celebration Anaheim booth gave attendees a chance to use the Force with the first public showing of their very cool Force Trainer II. Follow this link to have a closer look at their entire booth.

The Force Awakens Exhibit

Easily one of the most amazing things to see at Celebration Anaheim was The Force Awakens Exhibit. While visiting the room this morning we took the time to shoot a costumer-friendly gallery of all the costumes on display. Follow this link to check it out. For those more curious about the little details and what the exhibit may have really shown us, click through for what we noticed.

Sideshow's R2-ME2 Exhibit

From time to time, Sideshow Collectibles hosts an exhibit that sees artists transforming one of their figures into a one of a kind work of art. The R2-ME2 exhibit was put up for public display in their booth at Celebration Anaheim and it stopped people dead in their tracks. Follow this link to have a closer look at the entire display.

Ink Fusion Tattoo Pavilion

Ink Fusion was back for their fourth tattoo pavilion at Celebration Anaheim, and like the last three events, they brought with them a selection of the top tattooing talents and many, many attendees walked away with amazing Star Wars inspired tattoos. click the thumbnails above to have a closer look at the pavilion and The Force In The Flesh booth at its entrance. If you haven't already grabbed a copy of Shane Turgeon's new book The Force In The Flesh Volume II, you are missing out. Follow this link to get yours now!

Star Wars at Del Rey

Del Rey continued to prove that they know what the fans want to read about!

New Del Rey Book Revealed

There was a mysterious book Del Rey display case. Read on for what we know about it.

New Adaptations from Disney Press

The authors of the upcoming Disney Press adaptations for the Original Trilogy discuss their new works.

Star Wars Comes Home To Marvel

Find out about the Star Wars comics Marvel has coming for the rest of the year in this great panel.

Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars Art Panel

Read about this panel which discussed the upcoming Abrams book, Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie.

The R2 Builders Room Gallery

Of all the ways Star Wars fans express their love for A Galaxy Far, Far Away, there is little argument that one of the most appreciated forms of fandom on display at Celebration Anaheim was found in the R2 Builders room. Follow this link to check out everything the group had on display in the two section showroom, including your first look at Gentle Giant's upcoming life-sized classic Kenner Artoo-Detoo Monument Statue!

The Star Wars: Rebels Red Carpet Gallery

The cast of Star Wars: Rebels were every where at Celebration Anaheim and we caught them at the the Star Wars: Rebels red carpet. Follow the link above to have a look and go here for our interviews with Vanessa Marshal, Tiya Sircar, Taylor Gray, and supervising director Dave Filoni.

501st Legion Recognized Vanessa Marshall

It is always a pleasure to witness a 501st Honorary Membership presentation, and the surprise induction of Star Wars: Rebels voice actor Vanessa Marshall that took place in the Official Pix pavilion (and right next to the Rebelscum photo studio) at Celebration Anaheim was no exception. In fact, this might have been the best induction we've ever been included in thus far. Check out the gallery of the presentation to see how much the voice of Hera appreciated this incredible honor.

Then The Rebel Legion Recognized Her Too

In addition to being inducted into the 501st Legion, voice of Hera, Vanessa Marshall also become an honorary member of the Rebel Legion, along with her fellow Star Wars Rebels cast-members, Taylor Gray, Tiya Sircar and Steve Blum. Check out the image gallery to see what Freddie Prinze Jr. missed!

Meanwhile, Around A Corner...

No matter how well you plan your Celebration schedule, it is impossible to see everything. As such, it's always the small, totally unexpected stuff that sticks with you. A great example of this is when Dave Filoni ran into the perfect candidate to cosplay as the upcoming Rebels season 2 Captain Rex while hanging out in the back area of the Rebelscum / TFN / ForceCast booth. Thankfully we had a camera ready and are able to share the moment with you.

Attendees In Costumes

One of our favorite things about attending a Star Wars gathering is seeing all the costumes, and there was no shortage at Celebration Anaheim. Click the thumbnails above to check out a gallery showing some of the coolest costumes we saw including a Hoojib (!!!) and the award winning classic Kenner Princess Leia Organa (Bespin Gown)!

501st Legion Belgian Garrison "Kira Bumper Car" 1:1 Scale Replica

Making its debut at Celebration Anaheim was the 501st Legion Belgian Garrison "Kira Bumper Car" 1:1 scale replica. Follow this link to check out the recreation of Rey's speeder, which was officially revealed on Thursday morning right after the opening ceremony.