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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Bi-Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

1) Is the sculpture of the Juno Eclipse figure, which we saw at Toy Fair 2007, in the final stage? We ask, because compared to the game design artwork she wears a uniform that is different. There is still plenty of time until the release date, so will you change that and improve this figure? You can still use the sculpture for other female Imperial Officers.

2) What is the deal with the "Defense of the Galactic Senate" Battle Pack? Is this an unreleased one, or was it renamed? The same question belongs to the "Jundland Wastes Encounter" Battle Pack, that has been announced some time ago.

3) Do you have a picture for us of the upcoming Vintage-style Princess Leia (Combat Poncho) that shows the figure without her poncho?

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From Action Figs:
1) Now that we've seen photos of the new Jedi Luke figure with cloth vest, what can you tell us about him? Is it an all new sculpt? Is his Death Star 2 costume on underneath the vest, is the vest and outer belt removable? What accessories will he have? What are the chances of seeing him repacked without the vest?

2) Will we be getting a new Hoth Rebel Trooper in the foreseeable future? We've got a new, high-quality Snowtrooper coming finally but the Rebel side of the battle hasn't been well-represented in quite a while. The last version was in the 2004 Saga line and was very short (shorter than the protocol droid R-3PO from the same wave even), had little usable articulation, was overly-preposed, and had an odd face. It seems like most of the other OT troopers have gotten decent figures in the past few years except the Hoth Rebel Trooper, the Hoth battle scenes are very 1-sided over this, when will it be his time?

3) In a recent question about the new Vintage-style clamshells, you were quoted as answering "The clamshells will be sealed, like the majority of last year's run." However, the heat-sealed Vintage-style Saga Collection clamshells were generally rendered unusably damaged once the seals were opened, thus defeating the main purpose of the supposedly-reusable clamshell packaging that is part of the significantly increased Vintage-style pricepoint. So will that issue be taken into account, or are collectors going to have to damage the clamshells to access the contents within? If the latter, why?

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From Creature Cantina:
1) Since I have spent something like two hours boiling, straightening, and resolidifying several squads' worth of warped Clone Trooper legs to get them to stand properly, could you please look into packaging further Clone and Stormtrooper figures in a more static pose to prevent leg-warping? It would be greatly appreciated!

2) When is Hasbro going to release a Sarlacc playset, a space slug, or a Dejarik table? I get so tired of always simulating the Death Star explosion by having to tape M-80's to all my Imperial figures. I think it would be much more entertaining to throw them into the Sarlacc and have them slowly be digested for the rest of my life, or watch them be bitten in half by the space slug, or even better, use them as pawns in a Dejarik game and the Mantellian Savrip can twist them into a pretzel.

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1) How does the size and position of a figure's neck ball joint get decided? Some are very small, some very large, and there are many sizes in between. We can see why this might be necessary on some figures, but there are also figures who have their ball further up inside the head while some where the head only barely sits upon the ball. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of consistency in figures of roughly the same head-size. Wouldn't it make sense to come up with a few standard sizes to promote future kitbashing and repacking on Hasbro's part, as well as make our lives as customizers a lot easier.

2) Without getting into production secrets, how do you apply the paint to the figures? We assume that it's mechanically applied but is it airbrushed? Do you use different types of paint on different plastics (torsos versus limbs)? Do you use a sealant or bake the paint on? The reasoning for our question is that customizers often struggle with the final painting of a figure and weigh it against the paint surviving the articulation.

3) Yeah, we know this is another "When will we get this figure" question, but can we get some love for the Episode 2 Clonetrooper pilot with Gunship pod? We've seen a myriad of Gunships but other than the awesome Evolutions Clone trooper, which was part of a rather expensive 3-pack, we haven't seen any new pilots to transport our troops. It'd be great to see a Ep2 Clonetrooper pilot in the basic figure line.

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From Galactic Hunter:
1) Even though not all of the rumored EU Comic Book 2-packs have been confirmed this year, it's looking like we aren't going to get a Splinter of the Mind's Eye Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia 2-pack. I'm surprised by this because it seems like such an obvious choice for this line for two reasons: First, it consists of two main characters that would appeal to both collectors and casual buyers, which makes sense from a marketing standpoint. Second, it's based on the very first Star Wars EU novel. That kind of significance shouldn't be ignored in the EU line, and the fact that Splinter of the Mind's Eye has a comic adaptation also opens the possibility of including it in your EU line. Many fans would love to see Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia in their Mimban miner jumpsuits with a Kaiburr Crystal accessory. Would you please consider this pair for the EU line if it continues into 2008?

2) Can you confirm/deny the new rumor of a Jedi Starfighter with Hyperspace Ring coming this year as a store exclusive? If you can't specifically confirm the exclusive, can you at least tell us if there's still hope for getting the Hyperspace Ring itself at some point?

3) If you buy four figures containing the curved bar piece, can you connect the four curved pieces together to make a round table? It looks to me like you can with a little center hole in the table. I think it would be a heck of a great table though. Now, not specifically movie accurate, a table like this would look great with a few figures around it. It would be great if this works and would be VERY appreciated if you continued packing in the round pieces with future cantina pieces.

On that same note, how making booths that could assmble the same way and including pieces with three or four different figures to make a full booth for two figures (Han Solo and Greedo) to sit at. I think that would rock.

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From Jedi Defender:
1) New pictures of the 30th Anniversary Collection Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x1 Fighter recently surfaced. It appears that the ship is an all-new sculpt. Does it utilize anything from the POTF2 sculpt at all or is it totally new?

2) Paint applications on the 3.75" figures can get pretty detailed and intricate. Can you give us any details about the paint application process? For example, how do you do the multiple layers of color for the eyes or how are more intricate designs (like the Bantha Skull on Fett's Armor) done? How is the paint so amazingly durable that it doesn't scratch and take damage (like the old Kenner figures were prone to)?

3) OK, Baron Fel. The image that accompanied the Star Wars Figure Stand 40-Pack News on showed his name on one of the stand stickers. Our question is, how will we get our hands on him? Is he coming in the rumored Rogue Squadron set in the Comic Packs line or as a pack-in with the TRU 181st Squadron TIE Interceptor coming this summer?

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From Jedi Insider:
1) With the continuing success of the Vintage Collection series; what are the chances we'll see a Vintage Power of the Force series, and more importantly: a super-articulated resculpt of Yakface?

2) We are seeing some pre-orders for something called "I Am Your Fathers Day" 2-pack. What is this?

3) What are the chances of seeing new collector figure cases being released? I'm talking about vinyl briefcase ones that have the art on the front with pull-out trays that can be turned over and used as figure stands? Could we see those re-released, one with art from all 6 movies on the front and sticker name sheets to put in the trays for new figures?

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From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) Coins are a big theme this year for the 30th anniversary, being a big part of the vintage line. As a tie-in, why didn't Hasbro make this years vintage style figures on the POTF style cards, with the coin packed in as well? Was this ever a consideration? It would have been a great tie-in with this years coin collection. Might we still see an exclusive figure packed like this?

2) The announcement of the display stand pack was great for collectors of loose figures who have tons from previous lines that could use a similar style stand. Having a variety pack is nice, but what about collectors who might concentrate on only original trilogy figures, or all clones, etc. Any chances of offering all like stand packs on Perhaps a pack of all ROTS or all Expanded Universe, etc? Otherwise, they would end up with extra stands that might not go with the figures they have.

3) Are there plans to continue the expanded universe comic 2-packs past this years run? Or, is this something only planned for the 30th Anniversary Collection?

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1) How do you feel about the people who take your action figures and improve them - the customizers. Does it bother you that someone sitting at home can take one (or more) of your action figures, a little paint, and maybe some clay, and make a better, more accurate version of a character than you make? Do you ever look at customizers homepages, or forum postings, or even ebay - and see a figure that was made, and say "Hey, we should make this guy... he looks great!!"? Have you ever seen a customizers work online, and said "That guy can sculpt/paint/create - he should be working for us"? Have you ever hired someone just like that?

2) Can we get a superarticulated dewback? And perhaps a Tauntaun? I love the SA troopers and soldiers you make and think it would be a great idea to do some of the trooper type beasties in this same style. I am sure a new sculpt on either one of these creatures sure wouldnt hurt anyone's feelings either.

3) I can't wait to see the comic book 2-pack of A'Sharad Hett and The Dark Woman, as they're some of my favorites from the EU. Is there any chance you have a mock up or close to completed prototype you can share an image of with us here at

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From Sir Steve's Guide:
1) In the Toys R Us-exclusive Bantha with Tusken Raiders boxed set, the Bantha's pelt appears inaccurate with curly fur and the eyeholes not cut or attached correctly, compared to the movie character and the original POTF2 Bantha that this toy is based upon. What is the reason for the unattractive visible eyeholes and bizarre curly fur? Also, if boxed Star Wars items sell better the closer they are to $20, why turn the Bantha into a larger $45 set?

2) As this is the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars' release and your line this year is called the "30th Anniversary Collection", now seems the best time to ask this one: what are the chances that we'll be getting a figure of the very first person ever seen in all of Star Wars (that's not a droid), the white-haired Rebel Fleet Trooper who shows worry and then steadies to hold off the Stormtroopers for control of the Tantive IV? For clarification, the Decipher CCG named this guy "Lt. Pello Scrambas" - though nobody seems entirely in love with that name so feel free to NOT use it ;). This would also be a great chance to do a new, better-articulated Rebel Fleet Trooper body.

3) With the Titanium Series 3" Star Wars vehicle line, there's been a growing problem on the pegs consistently reported from all across the nation. At each of the 3 major retailers (TRU, Target, Wal-mart), the Titanium 3" Transformers figures - even though they ship in separate cases under unique assortment numbers meant for separate spots in stores planograms - often end up getting placed on the Star Wars Titaniums' pegs by employees because the packaging is the same unique shape and both lines sport the "Titanium Series" badge at the top; and now this is happening with the Spider-Man 3 Titanium 3" figures as well. That ends up mixing several dissimilar lines together, burying and even choking off pegspace for the Star Wars Titaniums while likely also slowing sales for the Transformers Titaniums. Your current solutions mentioned above (asst #s, planograms) don't seem to be enough at the retail level to ensure a separation of product which often means no pegspace for Star Wars Titaniums so they don't get put on shelves as often -- can you do something else to ensure that Star Wars Titaniums aren't overwhelmed at the pegs by Transformers and Spider-Man Titaniums?

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From Star Wars Action News:
1) With the cancellation of the Star Wars Titanium Forged Figure line, what is the future of the Titanium Cylon from Battlestar Galactica?

2) Ever since 2002's launch of Attack of the Clones figures we've seen many lightsabers assembled as two pieces: the hilt and the blade. Before they were a single piece that was very sturdy. Now they are two pieces that at times do not stay together very well and have little play value. They also don't look as good in dioramas as often they're difficult to point perfectly straight. I know a few figures had come out with two sabers, one hilt and one activated lightsaber in the past. Might we see a return to the one-piece design?

3) Are the Mcquarrie figures slated to be released in any of the case revisions of a wave or in future waves? In the revisions we have seen the Galactic Marine and others are being shipped again with later waves; will this happen with the concept figures?

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From SW Collector:
1) With the continuing success of the Vintage Collection series, what are the chances we'll see a Vintage Power of the Force series, and more importantly, a super-articulated resculpt of Yakface (Saelt-Marae)?

2) Collectors seem quite up in arms over the McQuarrie Signature Series R2-D2 & C-3PO Concept figures being released as exclusives for Celebration IV in Los Angeles and Celebration Europe in London. While the figures will have event-specific coins and cardbacks, will they eventually be released to the general public in nonexclusive form?

3) Conspicuous by her absence in the McQuarrie Signature Concept series is Princess Leia. Is there just not enough perceived interest in her, or is she in the works, too?

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1) What kind of articulation will the Pre-Cyborg General Grievous figure have being released later this year?

2) The Celebration 4/Celebration Europe exclusive McQuarrie concept C-3PO and R2-D2 figures have been unveiled and they look great. Can collectors who are unable to attend either event expect to see these figures available online through Hasbro Toy Shop or Star Wars Shop?

3) The assault vehicle footprint seems to be the most widely accepted item with retailers aside from the Basic Figure line. Can the concept for that line be expanded, so that we might get some large accessories like a turbo-laser? That would be a great complement to the awesome Death Star Gunner we got in the 2006 basic figure line.

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From Yakface:
1) The current packaging design is growing on me more and more, and being a graphic designer myself by trade, I was wondering how many concepts did the TAC line go through before the approval of the design that went into production? Are there any of the unapproved designs that you could show us?

2) The extraordinary point blank cannon fire exchange between the republic cruiser and the Invisible Hand during the battle over Coruscant featured some very impressive cannons on both sides. I'd very much like to see a battle pack featuring one of each cannon with a droid and a clone. What are the chances of us seeing such a thing?

3) So it looks like we're FINALLY getting a Han Solo with torture rack figure (been on my wish list for a while, thank you!). Is it possible that we could see Luke with medical table from the end of ESB? I think this may be the last version of Luke from the original trilogy yet to see a figure. A little flip-open flap on his wrist revealing the wires would be awesome too.

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From Yoda's News:
1) Several quick ewok questions here. Which ewoks will be included in the 30th anniversary Ewok 2-pack? Generic? Resculpts? Vintage returns? Also, any truth to the rumor of another ewok 2-pack and a female ewok with woklings for next year (please say yes)? If so, and Im praying it is, please make the woklings separate figures, not attached to a basket or crib or anything they would be so much cooler that way. With these new ewoks, any plans of different color variants, or battlepacks? Hook us up, ewoks are the main reason I started and am continuing to collect Star Wars figures, keep the ewoks coming!

2) Will Hasbro please consider packing more McQuarrie figures in further cases? It's quite apparent that they're great hits since the McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper and Concept Boba Fett are never on the store shelves for long, especially with the Stormtrooper at one per case

3) Has Ralph McQuarrie seen and commented to Hasbro on the Concept Art figures? I am curious to know what he thinks of them.

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